Travel agents are back with their innovations for the new-normal world. After a disarrayed clamor with the global situation, the agents have not been slumbering, but, unlaying their minds for 2021’s travel mania. Traveling is unstoppable. So is the evolution of travel is fast-paced with the latest digital approach for creating new travel trends. Find the newest travel trend below to once again revive the travel spirit in you.

travel trend 2021

1. Eco-Travel Trend

Today, the whole spectrum of the travel industry is transformed by the concern for environmental conservation. A sprout of ecological awareness within the various travel and hospitality services pledge a responsibility to create eco-friendly travel trends. Hopefully, most hotels and airlines introduce major undertakings concerning food and water wastage. For instance, eliminating the use of plastics, conserving energy, and usage of local organic produce. Moreover, transport services encouraging eco-friendly vehicles are at the hype to replace fuel vehicles. Other travel companies also instilled several sustainable initiatives that will be prevalent in the future.

The main goal of eco-travel is for traveling responsibly. One should therefore travel without impairing the local environment, or other concerning natural resources. The spirit of tourism must be alive with the destination entity, more opportunities in venturing culture, with authentic adventure experiences. Hence, eco-travel centered every escapade preserving mother nature while improving the well-being of the local community. In addition, travel companies are way ahead in leading a positive impact on the whole sphere of the world. They also prominently focuses on creating sustainably centered tourism packages for travelers.

Eco-Travel trend 2021

2. Bizcation Travel Trends

Productive business depends on fewer stress level zones. Hence, taking a vacation relieves you from the constraint workload. So, what if work and fun can happen within a day, a week, or a fortnight?
Primely embraced by the Millenials, Bizcation is 2021’s best travel trend. Known by another name, Bleisure, it merges business and vacation in one buzzword. It has driven an intriguing number of netizens as it imparts both work and fun simultaneously.

A business traveler may extend a business trip to enjoy more leisurely episodes at the destinations besides their work.

Staff in most offices expect employers to prioritize Bizcation. They should feel the importance of not just visit an unknown place for a single purpose but more. As an innovation, many surveys confirm that a company that positively responds to Bizcation performs better in terms of the company culture. As a result, it may be a solution for traveling employees to enhance the risk of employee retentiveness. Furthermore, it is ideal to mention that bizcation is a ‘digital nomad’ where also employees online travel the globe with their laptops.

Bleisure Travel

3. Personalisation Travel Trends

The system of travel tradition is quickly transforming with exclusive and private custom trips. Hence, personalization as a high trending option becomes a highlighted travel trend for the new era. Travelers do not only seek unique destinations. They have other options delivered based on their different interests too. However, their preference may arise from receiving updates from the latest tour packages, social media, or other tailor advertising specifically to a targeted individual. As a result, it receives information according to how frequently a client visits a travel website.

Travel enthusiasts are nowadays more progressive, leading them to higher demands and choices. Besides, they can identify similar offers and pieces of information in multiple for their favored destinations. 

Moreover, this alternative has laid out a challenge for the travel companies to adapt and create new synergies between partners. In addition, this helps arranges the agents to assist clients most prominently. However, the process of personalization should assemble, filter, and prioritize all possible needs of each group, or individual for a fulfilling result. 

Personalisation trend

4. Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Travel Trends

The 2020 year had the travel industry abruptly pulled up. But, there is no way to subdue the travel aspiration to provide their customers with alternatives. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the hottest trends currently fostering all leisure activities. As a result, they have aided industries like gaming, travel, and hospitality to alter their business. 

VR tools stimulate all human senses and create a virtual 3D environment for a better experience. Hence, VR applications have simplified all travel booking and travel itineraries. It also offers virtual hotel tours and travels, provides fun, and gives immersive experiences before exposing them to the actual destinations. Additionally, it is ideal for City Marketing to entice customers by enriching various attraction spots and structures.

AR is responsible for offering better and innovative traveling experiences. AR digitized components include smartphones, tabs, and other smart devices with computer graphics. Furthermore, in AR, the original world generated as digital objects are augmented and expanded for a better experience. Hence, these enhanced technologies are the means to transform the travel industry, channelizing these new breeds of travelers. 


5. Recognition technology Travel Trends

Technology with personal identification has become a simplified attachment for every individual access. To put a light on, recognition Technology covers a vast category of devices, systems, and protocols. They include biometrics, securities, and other identification features. Amazingly, this technology authorizes one’s voice, fingerprints, and faces for every authenticity.
Face recognition is one of the most utilized categories as it gives the authentic results of individual information. Another attested asset of this technology is voice recognition. Subsequently, travel, hospitality, and other big companies endorse the use of recognition technology to expedite. It also has conveniently sped up security check-in in most airlines.


6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With a close reality to flying cars and shifting planets, every day is exciting with new technologies on the verge. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a popular solution for improving the process of tasks. It also enhances every performance to deliver within a short time eliminating human errors.
For instance, AI is good as describing as computers performing tasks with most human intelligence inputs. It also efficiently provides many other accurate solutions. Moreover, these emerging technologies exceedingly influenced travel and hospitality companies. It gravely helps the travel and hospitality sectors deliver a reliable and excellent service to their customers. Additionally, it gives them a chance to save time and money.


7. Robots

Robots are enticing technology creation of modernity. Consequently, it drives almost every big company to invest in them. Nevertheless, they perform amusingly well as expected.
2021 is a year where you can witness security robots at airports. One will find robots booking flights for you or robot assistants at the airport. You may find a few of them so friendly approaching you to have a chat or entertain you while waiting for your flight.

In a while, robotic suitcases may fit to become your ultimate travel mate, capable of taking care of themselves and your things. Meanwhile, it will levitate your burden and worries. Besides, you are likely to find elegant butler bots waiting for your luggage to bring to your hotel rooms. Good luck with finding a couple of them on your next journey.
Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki is the first hotel in the world with full-fledged Robot Staff to perform all ordinary tasks the hotel staff does.

Robot in travel trend 2021

8. Internet of things (IoT) Travel Trends

Internet of Things (IoT) includes everything accessible by the internet. It is well-versed with all the gadgets, devices, and appliances fitted conveniently with internet connectivity. Hence, the purpose of IoT is for sending and receiving information without hindrance between commands and devices. IoT has become an overly enticing solution for every task we do. As a result, we can almost see ourselves depending on IoT throughout our day and night. Lest only at the moments, we lay our eyes to rest.
With this advancement, one can experience seamless travel and personal comfort with every process in control and reminders. It also helps the travel industry agents to assist their customers with location-specific information and gather valuable data. Moreover, it introduces an easy method for hotel check-ins and other stuff.

Internet of Things

9. Local experience Travel Trends

Traveling covers a vast scope and limitless possibilities of experiences. However, apart from the antecedent trends, most traveling populations are now turning their heads to experiencing traditional or local vocation. Gone will be days travelers choose luxurious hotels and accommodations and begin a new fad. Henceforth, the common trend of room servicing, etiquette in the dining hall, or quintessential delicacies served in the classic restaurants will be a rare pleasure.

People nowadays are more enthusiastic to know the roots of particular cultures. They are fascinated by people they met somewhere in the city and are aspiring to explore the local territories. These are important for their explicit knowledge cum experiences.

Travelers vividly look forward to putting their shoes in the life of the local people. The following conditions are as in conversing like them; eat the food they eat; drink the way they drink; learn their history and their norms, or run into the affairs of the village life. In addition, they crave to engage their purpose with the locals and exchange the differences in culture. However, the very key to embracing the bond of the folk is by guzzling their homemade food. Exploring and fitting as one of them is an unuttered encounter and a contrast adventure compared to many other travel trends.


10. Healthy and organic food Travel Trends

Of being a health-conscious contemporary, the population is wholly crazy for healthy lifestyles. In travel and hospitality companies, health and wellness have become part of the plan. Several travel companies and hotels are moved by most health-conscious customers deliberately looking for organizers serving their requisite needs. These companies have amplified their services by combining health and leisure, including relaxed travelers who rarely care about food.

Nowadays, one will find hotels and resorts emphasizing serving their clients with leisure and health at once. They also set specific goals for customers for weight loss and innovative food presentations with regional or organic produce and local recipes. Subsequently, customers ill-fated with gluten, lactose intolerances, and other health issues have found a big solution from these hotels who have taken appreciative initiatives.


Despite the inactivity of most travel and transport companies recently, in leap and bounds, the travel industries are arising with more innovations. Traditional operations are replaced by smart technologies to procure better service and businesses. Being aware of most travel updates is extremely helpful as it will keep lighting your passion and know the innovation in your patronized part of the travel trends. Above all, you are one among the many travelers who will be experiencing these aforementioned trends however you assume to be far ahead or must have adopted some.


What are the popular travel trends of 2021?

The travel domain is enticed by many traveling trends and components in myriad distinctions. Eco-Travel, Bizcation, Healthy, and organic food, Local experience, Personalisation, Internet of things (IoT), Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robots, Recognition technology are the trending mode of travel to dominate in 2021.  

Who are the Millennials? 

Those groups of generations born between 1981 to 1995 is called the Millennials. If you are celebrating your 25th birthday in 2021, you are eligible to be called a millennial or generation ‘Y’. From the proceeding years onwards starts the new generation. 

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