Get Insanely Spooky

Leave it or take it, we all do enjoy a little spine-chilling experience! Those frightful ghost stories, haunting activities of the death spirit that give you a start, cold-blooded scary movies making you shriek . Or… Are you completely a ghost atheist who do not even care a bit about flying heads, levitating corpses, or hovering screams at the quietest hours? Yet enjoy the tales, anecdotes, or experiences sarcastically? The world is strangely filled with history, weirdos, psychos, ghosts, witches, grimly beasts, and headless spirits. And how can we say the world only belongs to the living! Consider Annabel and Chucky dolls terrorising the earth who wanted to deliver their unfinished business, of course as we see in movies…

Explore the Top Ten Haunted Places in India for your spookiest adventure experiences. You in it or not to explore the other paranormal realm, we leave it to your decision.   

1. Ghost Palace of Bhangarh 

Once a lavished king’s palace, now a deserted ruin has been said to be the most feared place. We are talking about the Bhangarh palace, located in the Alwar District of Rajasthan. However intense the whispers of the people about this town being a creepy place, it is exceptionally bewitching to see the lush green surroundings. Daring enthusiasts may visit this unusual town maybe to encounter some restless spirits giving you uneasy vibes. A sound caution to take with you is to avoid the dominated hours of sunset till dawn. 

But why is Bhangarh Palace topped as the most haunted place in India? The folks around the proximity give two solid answers. The barren palace faced tragedy due to a thwarted love mission between a princess and a magician. A desperate magician called Singhia was deeply charmed with the beauty of the princess. Aware that falling in love with a princess is beyond impossible, he tried to cast a spell on her. Turns out the princess was well versed with an occult that she was practicing, and foiled his plan. That led straight to his death, and on his last breath, he cursed that the town should bear no more inheritance and generations. Since then, it has led to its doom. 

Wait up, another legend said that the town was completely deserted due to a failure to keep an oath from a Sadhu called Guru Balu Nath. The king had come to him to propose a palace to be built. He gave the permission but with one condition that it should not overshadow his residence, less it will be cursed. The following descendants after the particular king passed the Sadhu’s words lightly and built a palace overshadowing his residence. Sooner, the area was completely devastated. 

2. Khairatabad Science College

It was then a prestigious college until that fateful day! Khairatabad Science College near Khairatabad flyover in Hyderabad is one good haunted institute to ravage your imagination. If that scariest movie did not get you so well, better experience a real-life nerve-racking venture here in this old retiring building. How about a little shudder when you hear a click-clacking of bones and skeletons in this inconspicuous area?

It is believed that when the building was abandoned, the corpses in the biology labs were not well disposed of. Unfortunate people had often seen skeletons and sparks or hearing unpleasant noises and screams. A more alarming incident was when a guard who was summoned by the authority was found dead mysteriously. This adds another fuming fear for the people. 

3. Delhi Cantt 

Late at night, you happen to take your vehicle for a long ride, on the way stopped by a stranger for a lift, you are glad that you found a company to kill the long night, but your friend next to you turns into some horrifying phantom… how about that? Will you be getting a chill thrill, that even the ghost beside you gets petrified seeing your hair standing up! This is no different from the many incidents that happened at Delhi Cantonment. It is one of the busiest highways in the National Capital of India. Due to the routined plying of vehicles and populous inhabitants, the area is unsuspicious of any paranormal activities but witnessed several times. 

Well, most people had come across a lady dressed in white asking any motorists for a lift. Either the lone motorist stops and gives a ride is never seen coming back alive or refused to give a lift were chased after with the same speed as that of the motorcycle and then disappeared. If any driver stops to ask for directions, he will end up coming back on the same spot over and over for the entire night. 

The reason gave two theories. A tortured spirit of a woman who was brutally raped and murdered by lustful men whom she thought may help her get a lift somewhere in the city. Her dead body got dumped at Delhi Cantt, and since then her soul might have been trapped in this unfortunate loop. 

Another theory is of a wicked woman who had found her husband cheating on her. Her rage took to killing her two children and herself. But the impulse of shame deprived her spirit of becoming a lost soul and haunts the living that passes by the road of Delhi Cantt.

4. Ramoji Film City Haunted Place in India

Hyderabad is no doubt a cool capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from being a glorious buzzing city, there are bitter places with paranormal stories behind their existence. Even the overly hued attractions known for their relishing beauty have a sick side to say. Ramoji Film City, the infamous tourist destination is said to be haunted by unnatural forces. 

The very complex was built on top of the Nazim sultans’ war ground. Due to that, it is believed that the unsettled souls of the soldiers are the reason for the disturbing phenomenon. Several witnesses stated that most light men who sit on top with the light were pushed or thrust many times causing them acute injuries. Those lights and chandeliers suddenly fall even after fixing them. 

Shooting crews also experience strange figures and scripts drawn on the mirror, food scattered on the floors. In this premise, the spirits took pride in troubling girls. They faced so many menacing events such as knocking and scraping the bathroom doors, tearing their dresses apart, and other havocking disasters.

5. Dow Hill Haunted Place in India

Swear it, even if you are brave-hearted, seeing a headless body approaching you will fright you up to your spine. What about the fainthearted fellows? Will they knock themselves over and become one of them or saved by some luck? Bloody!

Dow Hill in Kurseong, Darjeeling – West Bengal is a pristine hill station allured with villas, tea gardens, woods, and orchids. On the other hand, it is also wretched with haunted schools and woods, headless ghosts on a death road. The region is also plagued by many hostile spirits and ghosts. On all accounts of haunting places in India, they say, this place is the most active and treacherous region for its spookiness. 

The most recurrent supernatural activity is in the Victoria Boys High School, and the surrounding area of the school complex. The spirits are believed to be residing on the premises. The locals experience a supernatural aura as in hearing heavy footsteps frantically pacing up and down, shrill voices and noises even when the school is on vacation for three whole months. 

The woods around the school are another spookiest revelation. Several wood-hunters have stated seeing an apparition of a headless boy appearing and vanishing into the thin air. Most people who have seen the apparition are not spared having a nightmare or been haunted in their dreams. Eventually, they find themselves lost in depression and lose their lives for being followed everywhere by the dreadful picture. The forest is said to be an area where several murders took place. 

6. Chandan Nagar Haunted Place in India

Little girls are the most angelic creation and look the cutest in little dresses. No longer cute when they come charging at you with the creepiest look clutching a weird doll. Although we see dead little girls portraying a havoc scene in movies, it is also real in some cases. Let us take you to Chandan Nagar at Pune, Maharashtra for such a phenomenal experience to see a little girl in a frock. Let’s get to know her story:

The root of the phenomenal speculation was caused by the death of a little girl. She was accidentally killed when a construction site collapsed in the area somewhere ten years ago. Since then her spirit is trapped here only to bother the living with her unfinished business. Passersby have spotted a little girl staring at them with the creepiest look on her face sometimes smiling and grinning. At other times, when someone sees her, she charges towards them with a shrilling and screams behind their backs. She is usually seen holding a doll and wears a frock. The locals warned not to go out at night around the area as one may bump into this ghoulish encountering. Watch out for a little girl smiling at you when you go there.

7. The Mansion at Residency Road 

Abandoned buildings, old residents, isolated hospitals are the creepiest places we can have on the list. Take charge of that thought to a secluded old bungalow where you can imagine picture frames turning upside down, an old eldritch lady rocking a chair, turning her head 360° with an unruly hair, levitating herself with a white nightgown, flickering lights and chandeliers, creepy music played on… stop! Get up and get a cup of coffee. Or are you taking that imagination with you? 

A ramshackle bungalow called the Mansion on Residency Road is one of the well-known haunted places in Pune. The massive bungalow in its wrecked state was once believed to be owned by a lone elderly woman who was killed in her own house. Reports of spotting a woman on top of the house were staring at some group of people and then vanished. People have heard unfavorable loud noises, creepy sounds, and weird peals of laughter late at night. Several paranormal investigators confessed that they have experienced a really heavy dark presence in the bungalow. 

It is best if a paranormal enthusiast may not take up the challenge of visiting this place. 

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8. The Haunted Lodge Haunted Place in India

Carelessness is the key to catastrophe and worst when you meddle with demonic activities. The Haunted Lodge, once a lodge for the freemasons during the British rule in Jorhat, Assam is a well-spoken place of haunting. The hype had supposedly begun when a ritual went wrong forcing the inhabitants to move out.  

People claimed to have heard strange noises screeching or squealing from the lodge. They have also heard muffled laughter and mysterious whispering in a while. Some Ghostbusters also reported that they have seen some demonic figures written on the walls. According to some people, it is believed that some occult, black magic or devilish acts are practiced there. Others however with the intense creepiness have not dared to even pass by the old, abandoned lodge especially at sunset. They shuddered at the thought of even visiting in bright daylight.  

9. National Library of Kolkata

‘Silence’ is the disciplinary rule followed by everyone in every library. But not for the independent, disturbed spirits in the National Library in Kolkata. The institute is prominently well-known for a collection of remarkable books. However terrific the institute is, it has now been forlornly engrossed by some dark forces with some inauspicious phenomenon. 

The imperial library was said to be haunted by the spirit of late Governor Warren Hasting which was once his residence before it turned into a National Library. The guards often see his ghostly structures lurking in the premises and corridors leaving them appalled. But never hurt anyone once. 

Other incidents took place inside the library when a certain student was found dead in an abnormal way. Moreover, a secret chamber was later discovered and was believed to be a tortured room for the prisoners during the British colonial period. Adding to more mysterious events is the tragic death of twelve laborers who died during the renovation of the library. All these might have summed up the entire paranormal aura within the surroundings. 

10. Terra Vera Haunted Place in India

Terra Vera Mansion or Vas Villa in St. Mark’s Road, Bangalore was then a place filled with happy memories until one of the two sisters who lived there was killed in an icy-cold blood murder. The Mansion was built in 1943 by an Anglo-Indian lawyer who later gifted it to his spinster daughters, Dolce and Vera. Both the sisters had a successful career. Dolce was a piano instructor and Vera was an English language teacher. On the night of 4th September 2002, 75 years old Dolce was stabbed and killed by an unidentified killer leaving the 80 years old Vera helpless but screaming. Her body was buried within the premises. Months later after the event, the survived sister left the property since she was filled with her dead sister’s memories 

Eventually, a year later, people noticed strange happenings in the mansion. They witness hearing piano being played at the death of the night or seen a ghostly apparition in the house. People also had strange vibes of hearing whispers, being constantly watched by something, touched by something cold, or hearing creepy laughter. Some paranormal investigators had also reported that they have seen inverted crosses and headless statues of Mary and Jesus. Such was the extreme dark envelopment that people now have not dared to explore there. In the year 2014, the worn-out, faded, and tired looking mansion was demolished except for some furniture and a vintage car left outside. However, chances are that the unfriendly business may still be there resulting in the fruit of cold-blooded murder.