Are you exhausted? Yeah, but you have room for travel and exploring thoughts right. To quit the thought is to plan and execute a trip in the easternmost part of India. Truly east, the region of Manipur Ima Leibak offers lavish options to explorers. So, this article will tell you about the top things to do in Manipur. A region, a dazzling naturescape at the east edge. And so the rest are prep points you ought to really go through before you pack your bag. Experience the things you would do in Manipur like never before. 

Where is Manipur? 

City of imphal

Manipur is one of the northeastern states that lies in the northeast part of India. It is also called the Jewel of India for its rich culture, the abundance of incredible places and unexplored destinations. Nagaland on the North, Assam to the west, Mizoram on the south and sharing borders on the east with Myanmar surrounds this bejewelled state. It consists of hills and valleys. In fact, the geographical landscape is ardently intriguing as a beautiful valley is solely surrounded by lofty mountains. 

Another delightful feature is that the tribal community exclusively inhabits the mountainous region and the general community occupies the valley. The valley provides much delight and so does the hilly region in Manipur with an end number of things to do. 

How to reach Manipur?

Airport in Manipur

Although it is far-fetched from the rest of the states in India and sits right in the east, Manipur is an easily accessible location where anyone from anywhere can visit. It is well-connected with major cities in India such as Guwahati, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and others via road, rails and air. 

By Air

The Tulihal International Airport in the capital city of Imphal is an active airport for both domestic and international airports. 

By road

The following are the national highways that connect Manipur with the rest of the states, cities and interconnect with other countries: 

NH53 Manipur via Assam, 

NH150 Manipur via Mizoram,

NH155 Manipur via Nagaland, and

NH39 Manipur via Indo-Myanmar Border. 

By Rail

There are few partially active railway stations in Manipur. The Jiribam railhead and Vangaichungpao railway stations are the two known stations in the states. However, beginning this year (2022), a new railway route has been introduced with multiple stations. Hence travelling by train to AMnipur will be much more convenient soon. 

Things To Do In Manipur

Manipur is charmingly a tempting destination for all sorts of activities. The misty blue hills, lush green nature and colours of culture circumscribing the vibrant valley give an epitome of paradise next door.

Adventure and Trekking Spots

Khangkhui Cave, top things to do in Manipur

Manipur is the best place for a wanderlust experience. Were you devour with adventure spirit, you should visit these audacious destinations:

  • Khangkhui Cave – Khangkhui cave is a limestone cavern in the Ukhrul district. Now, when we mention Ukhrul, there is a lot to say about this quaint hill district but it can wait. Khangkhui cave is a prehistoric cave where evidence of habitations of the stone age era is discovered during an excavation. 
  • Tharon Cave –  Tharon Cave is a series of caves that will mesmerize any visitors whatsoever. Slumbering deep in the forest of Tharon Village, the awaiting adventure destination invites any avid adventurer to discover more about it. Mysterious yet conceiving, this coveted place is a must-visit spot in Manipur. 
  • Dzukou Valley – Dzukou Valley is one of the most coveted and highlighted spots for adventure and nature enthusiasts alike. It has become a sprawling destination for those who seek haven, rough trekking and avid wanderers. It is one of nature’s masterpieces stretching its green carpet from one end to end dotted with flowers, streams and valleys. 

Incredible Natural Spots and Eco-Tourism

Loktak Lake - Top things to do in Manipur

Needless to say, the abundance of greeneries in Manipur, one of the meaningful top things to do in Manipur is Eco-Tourism. Immensely blessed, the state is a world stage to discover uncharted destinations:  

  • Loktak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park – Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake in India gaining a top interest for travellers worldwide to visit. Circular floating islands or Phumdi in distinctive patterns is the main reason why it is a centre of attention. The famous Keibul Lamjao National Park within the lake is the only floating national park in the world. Sangai deers, an endemic species, reside in the national park. The aerial view of Loktak lake is striking and is the most stunning view one can ever capture. 
  • Zeilad Lake – Zeilad lake is a cluster of nine unique lakes in Zeilad Village in Tamenglong, Manipur. Also each of the nine lakes possesses a variety of specialities owning a mythical interest and legendary account. Moreover, some of the lakes are surrounded by imposing rocks that look ridiculously stunning. 
  • N-Piulong Meadows – N-Puilong is a perfect description of rolling hills and meadows. The green carpet of grass over the lumps of earth gives an otherworldly site and refreshes the daring spirit of wayfarers. 
  • Shirui Kashong – Commonly known as the abode of the only Shirui Lily, Shirui Kashong is a beloved hill range in Ukhrul District. The awestruck landscape and the enveloping vistas are a breathtaking as well as mesmerizing to witness the art of nature.
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Willong Khullen

Most places and villages in Manipur are a storehouse of ancient heritage. The people preserve the traditions and culture of the past and rekindle them through time and tide. Walk the rich heritage of Manipur and get a ton of surprises from what you hear of the past:

  • Kangla Fort – Kangla Fort in the heart of the city of Imphal is a manifestation of the golden past in Manipur. Walk the palace, once a home to many ningthou of the past who ruled and reigned for years in the land of the Meiteis. 
  • Willong Khullen – Willong Khullen is an ancient village in Senapati District. The village possesses a rich heritage and entering the village will give a surreal vibe of walking through the lives of the villagers. Visit the mysterious stone garden where no one can ever count the accurate number of stones there. 
  • The Khongjom War Memorial Complex – An honorarium site of the past heroes and Manipuri soldiers who died fighting against the British in 1891. This complex in Thoubal District is a main call of attraction as the conduct of the place is neat, surreal and peaceful. 
  • Reangans in Tamenglong – Speculating a height of popularity, the Reangans in Tamenglong are places inscribed with huge indigenous man work projects. They are huge stone projects that appear as fortifications of the villages. Most of the known Reangans are Inrianglong Reangan, Dailong Reangan and Chiuluan Reangan. 

Hill Stations

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Hill stations of Manipur have so much to offer. Spend your holidays in dawn-lit destinations in Manipur. Enjoy your starry night experience at night, the cool breeze, and the promising sight of ethereal lush green mountains and gurgling rivers along your journey. 

  • Ukhrul – The misty town of Ukhrul and the neighbouring hill stations are a great place for a nature retreat. The serene location offers a crazy amount of fun, adventure and activities for anyone. Experience the life of the Tangkhuls, their culture and their gastronomies that will surprise you even more.
  • Tamenglong – The blissful weather of Tamenglong is such a sheer blessing for wanderers finding solitude and peace. This place offers a good landscape, delightful adventure and other odd activities to make sure you have the best time ever. 
  • Senapati – the hill district of Senapati is a great place to lay back and enjoy the perfect panoramic view of the paddy terrains. The countryside and the quaint villages hidden from the bustling town will revive your 
  • Churachandpur – Hill lovers are in luck visiting Churachandpur. A resort laid back beside the lake and the imposing surrounding is a must-see destination here. Staying over for a day or two in the well-known Geljang resort will light your journey up. 
  • Chandel The perk of visiting Chandel is that it is near Moreh, a commercial hub popular in the Northeast region. Not only is the hill district dotted with the sprawling market but the landscape and the 

Food And Drinks

Manipuri Dish

Victuals are one of the greatest spoils you will ever experience and the best top things to do in Manipur. Spoils here mean the biggest delight of all time! Nutritious as they are, the food and drinks produced here are like feasts made in heaven. One should try the famous traditional Bora (Pakora) in various items such as fish, egg, vegetables and other varieties. Singju s another typical vegetable salad sliced in pieces ready for you to admire the variety of tastes

A devouring special, a Nga or fish thali will ridiculously make you a glutton. One should also try the tribal food and drinks such as Bamboo – Shoot specials, bush meats and typical rice beer.

Famous Festivals 

Sangai Festival

The people of Manipur are culturally dominated and are vibrant in celebrating many of such. Merrymaking and revering the abundance of nature’s gifts through occasions and festivals are common practices here. In fact, festivals are a way of expressing gratitude for the manifold blessings nature brought upon men: 

  • Sangai Festival: Gaining International popularity, Sangai Festival tops the highest form of a festival in the state. The festival is an extravaganza of food, music and other indigenous activity in honour of the state animal, the Sangai deer. 
  • Shirui Lily Festival – Shirui Lily is an endemic flora species that are in a sorry state of extinction. To spread awareness, during its blooming season usually from March to April, the Ukhrul State celebrates the Shirui Lily festival. 
  • Orange Festival – During the prime season, owing to the abundance of oranges, the state orange festival is organized in Tamenglong annually. Attend the festival and enjoy the spirited music, art and traditional extravaganza. Taste the juiciest Oranges purely organic and sweet. 
  • Cherry Blossom Festival – The blooming season of Cherry flowers makes the landscape heavenly. Every year in Mao, Senapati, a Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated to add reasons to the beauty. Besides, the alluring sight of cherry flowers in clusters is beyond any photographic capture. Be part of the festival not only for the event but to see the most auspicious landscape you would ever wish for. 

Shopping Destinations

Ima Market

Last but not very least is Manipur a social and shopping hub. Most shopping destinations are dazzled with unique and never seen items. It’s odd to go back home without loading your baggage with souvenirs that imprint the memory. 

Makes things easier as it is in the capital

  • Moreh – Moreh is a town located in the bordering turf of Indo-Myanmar. Most goods are supplied to various cities in India through this centre. You will be amazed to see the amalgamation of items ranging from whimsical food to chic clothes and useful household items. 
  • Ima Keithel – Ima Keithel or Mothers’ Market in the very heart of Imphal city is drawing international attention for its distinctive operation. The market is run only and only by women and mostly sells indigenous items. The goods fares are not only reasonable but also worth the take for multi-purposes. 
  • Pouna Bazaar – Paona Bazaar is a sophisticated commercial area where you will ultimately find clothes, shoes and other high-end brand items. You will be easily drawn to any shop you enter. The shopping experience is one of a kind and is one of the top-most things to do in Manipur.