A loved amalgamation of the sandy beach, scorching sun, seafood and Portugal heritage is everyone’s favourite holiday destination, Goa. Goa is one of the smallest states in India whose capital city is Panjim. The coastline of Goa stretches up to 100 kilometres, due to which there are a plethora of beaches like the Anjuna and Arambol beaches where people love to relax and try out the numerous fun water sports. Beach fan or not the rich architecture that seamlessly covers Goa is phenomenal for its authenticness. 

Love going on road trips or always imagined going on one? Then the Bangalore to Goa trip is one of the most ideal and fun road trips to take (if you are based in Bangalore). To reach Goa from Bangalore, you will have to cover a distance of 650 to 700km. So, to select the best route can be tricky. Hence, the following are the routes you can take to reach Goa.  

So, we’ve always been excited for the usuals right? Let’s try something different. 

Bombay to Goa or maybe Pune to Goa? But here we are, wanting to cover a little more and exploring a lot more. Get on and let’s just do this!


Bangalore to Goa Road Trip

Route 1: Hubli-Anmod Ghat Route

Bangalore → Tumkur → Chitradurga → Hubli → Dharwad → Ramnagar → Anmod → Panaji

Distance: 600 kilometres

Travel Time: 9 hours

Chitradurga Fort

Built between the seventeenth and eighteenth, the Chitradurga Fort is a well-known palace of the state of Karnataka. The Chitradurga Fort is located at a distance of 200 kilometres from Bangalore, next to the River Vedavati.  The meaning of Chitrakaldurga in the Kannada language means the ‘picturesque fort’. The Fort has been through stages of renovations under the rulership of the Chalukyas, Hoysalas, the Nayakas of Chitradurga. During the rulership of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, it saw many architectural additions like temples, masjid, storage for oil and grain and a citadel too. 

Just before reaching the Chitradurga fort you will be able to spot gigantic windmills, as the fort is built on a hilltop it experiences frequent wind currents. Therefore, making it an economically viable area to generate wind energy.  

While strolling inside the vicinity, don’t forget to check out the Hidimbeshwar temple that has been carved out of a rock.

Timing: 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM (All days of the week)

Entry Fee: 

Adults: INR 5

Foreigners: INR 100

Chitradurga Fort

Ranebennur Blackbuck Deer Sanctuary

The Ranebennur Blackbuck Deer Sanctuary is a known sanctuary that was declared one on the 17th June 1974. Created for the purpose of protecting blackbucks,  the sanctuary is inhabited by animals such as the wolf and the Great Indian Bustard. A diverse fauna includes black Drongo, sirkeer cuckoo, peafowl, cuckoo, bay-backed shrike and large grey babbler. The Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary is located near the Haveri district in the state of Karnataka. The park is spread on 119 sq km of land out of which tourists are allowed to explore only 104.13 km, the rest is marked as the core of the sanctuary. 

Timing: 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM (All days of the week)

Entry Fee: 

Adults: INR 50

Child: INR 25 

Foreigners: INR 300

Ranebennur Blackbuck Deer Sanctuaryy

Sira and Haveri

History aficionados or appreciators would fall in love with this route as it is a town full of ancientness and historical elements.

Anmod Ghat 

The Anmod Ghat route is considered as one of the most picturesque routes to take from Bangalore to Goa especially during the monsoon season. One will be able to spot some of the oldest rocks while coming across the ghat region. Various researchers have estimated the rocks to be 3,600 million years old that are segregated as the Trondjemeitic Gneiss. 

Don’t forget to get out of your vehicle for a photo memory right next to the running streams of waterfalls.

Anmod Ghat

Dudhsagar Falls

The popular Dudhsagar Falls that fall on the border of Goa and Karnataka are three streamed and four-tiered wa

terfalls that are marked as the fifth highest waterfall in India. The waterfall has a great height of 600 meters that is considered as a great naturistic sight. The Dudhsagar falls are known for a white milky cast that appears in its stream of water. Surrounded by an abundance of green vegetation and sharp mountain ranges that make it one of the most remarkable sights to witness.

The best time to witness the Dudhsagar falls is between October to June

Entry Fee– INR 400

Timings– 9 am to 6 pm (all 7 days)

Dudhsagar Fall

Food options for the Hubli-Anmod Ghat Route

Few of the places where you can stop for a satisfying meal or some snacks are:

  1. The Kottureshwara in Davanagere is famous for serving crisp masala dosas with a delicious potato filling. The only drawback to this place for some is that it doesn’t have any seating arrangement.
  2. Another great lunch option in the Hubli to Anmod Ghat route is the Mollem Karibu Garden Restaurant and the Roshan Restaurant in Mollem. Kamat Upachar in Sira,  Kamat Ranebennur near Hubli and the Sai Palace between Sira and Hiriyur.
  3. For tea, coffee or snacks stop by at Kamat Upachar or Café Coffee Day in Sira.

How to reach?

Road travellers travelling from Bangalore to Goa should take National Highway 48 to reach Goa.

Route 2: The Karwar Route

Bangalore → Nelamangala → Tumkur → Chitradurga → Sirsi → Ankola → Karwar → Panaji

Distance: 620 Kilometres

Time: 12 hours

Jog Falls

The Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India that drops from a great height of 830 feet. They are known to descend from the flowing waters of the Sharavathi River. Marked as the highest waterfall of the Karnataka state, the Jog falls also known as the Gerosappa Falls are considered as one of the top tourist attraction spots of Karnataka.  You will have to take a detour from Sirsi to reach the Jog Falls.  

The best time to visit is between the months of August and December.

Jog Falls

Rabindranath Tagore Beach

The Rabindranath Tagore Beach is considered as one of the most popular beach spots of Karwar. The white sand beach is known for entertaining the meeting point of the waters of River Kali and the magnificent Arabian sea. The beach doesn’t host any water sport or activities, hence, it is perfect for you to unwind and release the tiredness of travelling. 

There are several other tourist spots near the beach too like the Karwar warship museum, recreational park, aquarium, planetarium or you could choose to take a walk, swim in the waters, endure the sunset, there are plentiful of options for you to explore at the Rabindranath Tagore Beach.
The biggest cultural event of Karwar called the Karwali Utsav is celebrated in the months of December and January at the Rabindranath Tagore Beach.

Rabindranath Tagore Beach


Unknown beach heaven, Gokarna lies between the Bangalore to Goa route that you should surely not miss out on visiting. Located on the coast of Karwar, Gokarna has breathtaking beaches and temples to explore. According to various mythological stories, it is believed that Lord Shiva emerged here in the form of a cow. 

Gokarna is known for hosting many ancient temples. One of the most famous being the fifteen hundred years old Mahabaleshwara temple that hosts a stunning carved stone statue of Lord Shiva. 

But if you want to spend time in Gokarna exploring the beaches then the ones that you should explore include the Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, Paradise Beach and the Kudle beach. The beaches offer the perfect opportunity for you to try surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, parasailing, and jet skiing. 
Best time to visit Gokarna is after the monsoon, from September to December.


Food options for the Karwar Route

Few of the places where you can stop for a satisfying meal or some snacks are:

  1. For a great stomach filling breakfast you can stop by at the Upadhya Veg Restaurant that is located just near the Chitradurga Fort. 
  2. Various lunch spots can be spotted on the Karwar route like Hotel Amrut which is famous for serving some delicious seafood dishes and the Swetha Lunch Home thas has great non-vegetarian dishes for you to try. But, if you are looking for vegetarian options, you can try eating at the Udupi Cafe.
  3. If you are planning to stop by Gokarna then don’t forget to visit the Namaste Cafe in Gokarna that offers delicious food with a great view and ambience.

How to Reach?

While driving from Bangalore on the Karwar route you will have to take the National Highway 48 and National Highway 66 to reach Goa.

Route 3: The Belgaum Route

Bangalore → Nelamangala → Tumkur → Chitradurga → Belgaum → Chorla Ghat → Panaji

Distance: 630 Kilometres

Time: 11 hours

Tambdi Surla Waterfalls

Inside the vicinity of the beautiful Bhagwan Mahavir National Park on the Goa-Karnataka border lies another nature’s stunning creation, the Tambdi Surla Waterfalls. Unlike the popular Dudhsagra Falls, the Surla waterfall is not known to many people around. The falls have been named after the Tambadi Surla Temple that is located some distance away from the temple. Many avid trekkers are aware of this place as it falls under one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences. Despite being a small trek of just one or two hours long you will be amazed at the alluring views that you will be rewarded with while trekking. Don’t forget to be careful of some of the snakes that are known to inhabit the place.

Tambdi Surla Waterfall

Belgaum Fort

The Belgaum Fort in Belgaum is one of the most popular tourist attraction spots on the Bangalore to Goa route. Recently, the fort was honoured as a ‘state heritage monument’ for its rich heritage that was influenced by various rulers and kings.   The entrance of the Belgaum Fort has been embossed with Goddess Durga and Lord Ganapathi shrines on either side. Just a few steps in and you will get to witness a fine Chalukyan style Jain Sanctorum. The phenomenal Mukha Mandapa has been carved with intricate lotus designs that contribute hugely in making the fort appear incredible. A walk through the maze patterns will land you next to the stunning pairs of Mosques that showcase a mixture of Indo Saracenic and Deccan fusion art. The Belgaum Fort is also known for imprisoning the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi during the Freedom Movement of India. 

Timing: 08:00 AM to 06:30 PM (All days of the week)

Entry Fee: 

Adults: INR 25

Foreigners: INR 150

Belgaum Fort

Anjunem Keri Dam

Built-in 1989, the Anjunem Keri Dam is located on the Sanquelim-Belgaum highway in Chorla Ghat. The dam lies on the Sylvan valley formed in the vicinity of another peak, Morlemgad that is located in the south-east direction and below one of Goa’s highest peaks, Vagheri hill. There are a few accommodation facilities available near the vicinity that you can choose to stay. Don’t forget to click some snaps next to this scenic spot.

Anjunem Keri Dam

Chorla Ghat

Lying at the intersection point of nature’s untouched pristine spot, the Chorla Ghat. In the backdrop of the ghat lies the Sahyadri mountain ranges and is also home to a wide and diverse flora and fauna. Many tourists love exploring the waterfalls and exploring around. The Wildernest Resort here is perfect to relax and retrieve. Rainforests located 51 km away from the Chorla Ghats have been declared as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International. Some of the birds found here include the Malabar whistling Thrush, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Indian Pitta, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, Loten’s sunbird, Crimson backed sunbird, White Cheeked Barbet and the Nilgiri Flycatcher.

Chorla Ghat

Arvalem Caves

The Arvalem Caves is one of the most historically and culturally inclined spots on the Belgaum route from Bangalore to Goa. Many archaeologists have suggested that these caves date back to the time when Portuguese invaders had entered the country years ago in the sixth century. It is believed that the five chambers of the caves with Shiva-Lingas were once occupied by the five Pandava brothers, Yudhistir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev during their exile period. Hence, famously called the Pandava Caves too. A fun fact about these caves is that the carvings on the caves have been done by the Buddhist monks out of a single laterite rock. Hence, the origin of the caves remains a big dilemma for many.  

Timing: 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM and 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fee: Free

Food options for the Karwar Route

Few of the places where you can stop for a satisfying meal or some snacks are:

  1. Love gorging on the South Indian cuisine then while touring on the Belgaum route to reach Goa don’t forget to stop by the Pavitra Idli Hotel on NH 4, close to Tumkur that offers delicious idlis with a dollop of butter on top and a cup of filter coffee.
  2. If you want to try a heavy meal then you can drop by the Paratha Cornet at Belgaum. 
  3. Another good option is to stop by at the Delta Eco Huts for coffee and some snacks.

How to Reach?

While driving from Bangalore on the Belgaum route you will have to take the National Highway 75 to reach Goa.


  • Get your car servicing done

Since you will be going on a long road trip and will practically be living in it remotely, you must get all the essential points like oil, tire pressure, brakes etc. checked. In case of an emergency, it may not be sure if you will get a 24×7 servicing centre or not.

You can carry along an essential emergency kit with you too. The kit can include tyre changing tools, engine coolants, a torch and more. Don’t forget to carry all your essential vehicle documents too (if it’s your car or on rent).

  • Plan your trip

Figuring out which route you plan to take is extremely important. Especially to find out which road is blocked or under construction so that you don’t get a surprise in between your road trip. The most convenient way to be prepared is to check your route on Google maps. Apart from this, a list of pit stops where you can eat or relax for a bit is also you need to figure out in advance. 

  • Pack food and snacks

Don’t rely upon if any shops will be there on your route. You should carry a bag of snacks and drinks with you as you will want to munch on some snacks or drink some water while travelling. Don’t forget to keep reusable plates, cups and a garbage bag in case anything spills. 

  • Cash for tolls and snacks

Keep extra cash with you as there will be many toll booths along the way and some dhabas or snack shops too and there is a high possibility they may not take Paytm or Google Pay.

  • Carry a power bank

Since the art of carrying maps is almost dead, you will obviously be checking into your phone all the time for directions or to click pictures or just to stalk people on Instagram. So, carry a good power bank along with you so that your phone doesn’t die in the middle of your trip. If you don’t own a power bank then you can carry a multi-outlet from which you and your fellow passengers can charge.

  • Prepare a music playlist 

Travelling solo, with someone or in a group, to pass all these hours of driving is slightly tough. So you must prepare a playlist (please keep the slow songs away!) that will not cause you to be bored or quickly make you fall asleep. You could also prepare some fun games to kick off some boredom.    

Travel tip: It is advisable that when on a road trip you should stop every two to three hours, either to stretch or eat something. Also, keep some neck pillows as you or the person driving can benefit from them.