Going international without a visa is a smooth relief. Thank heavens, most countries allow this! The perk of visa-free admittance to most countries lets you travel cheaper as well as easier. Moreover, it helps you save time from running to travel agencies, consulates, or lining up in front of the embassies. Well, you are about to see a few of the countries that grant Indian citizens without a visa. Check out the 10 Visa-free Countries you can visit if you are from India. 

How To Travel To Countries With Visa-Free Permits

It is true that you can travel to some countries visa-free. But, there is a need to research the entry requirements if traveling to one of them. Also, some countries need to check you in with your passport to pass you through. On the contrary, few countries allow not only visa-free access but also passport-free. For instance, Nepal and Bhutan permit Indian visitors if they present their valid voter IDs. 

Most of these countries have a visa-free duration for Indian travelers. The period varies from country to country, some allowing 30 to 60 days or even 90 days or more. Nevertheless, you must not exceed your stay lest you might end up in a difficult situation there and then or in the future.

You must not apply for any work or enroll in colleges while visiting a country during your visa period. Fortunately, there are other methods to apply for an approved stay for other necessary purposes. 

Countries Indians Can Travel Visa-Free


Fiji is a pretty country in the South Pacific. The country is a cluster of more than 300 rugged islands. The outlined beaches with palms are outrageously beautiful. Moreover, the coral reefs and the clear lagoons are breathtaking. To witness this charming island country as an Indian, you do not require a visa. All you need is to apply for permits depending on the type of your visit. It will allow you to explore the country confidently. Even if you bring your tourist visa, you need not apply for permits. Having said that, India and Fiji have diplomatic relations along with immigration policies. 

The island country of Fiji does not intend to charge extra fees for Indian tourists. This goes on until you exceed your visiting period. On the other hand, there are chances to charge a convenience fee at the national airport of Fiji. Sometimes, they do so while carrying out the immigration process at the airport.


Bhutan is a gorgeous neighboring territory of India with spectacular places to see. The Buddhist kingdom is not only popular for its fortresses, and monasteries but also for vibrant culture and religious significance. Moreover, this Himalayan’s homeland is renowned with subtropical plains, smooth valleys, and rugged mountains. The panoramic landscapes are explicitly enjoyable to watch. With so many activities to venture into, Bhutan is such glamour for any travel enthusiast. Nevertheless, Bhutan is one of the countries for Indians to visit Visa-free. 

Traveling to Bhutan as an Indian is not a task-taking plan. Your international trip to Bhutan is assured with or without a visa. However, intending to visit any day soon, you should carry important travel documents. They include a valid Indian Passport having a validity of a minimum of 6 months; or a Voter Identity Card, issued by the Election Commission of India. Additionally, if you are coming by the road here, take an entry permit on the basis of the concerned authorities. Mostly, the Immigration Office of the Royal Government of Bhutan at Phuentsholing, located on the Indo-Bhutan border opposite Jaigaon, West Bengal takes care of the permits. Similarly, if you take the air route, you must have any of the aforementioned travel documents to get entry permission. Most of the major towns such as Paro, Thimphu, Bumthang, and many others require special area permits. 


Closest to the northern border of India, Nepal is a homeland to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest! Indian travelers can visit this surreal without the stress of applying for a visa. It is one of the visa-free countries that permit Indian tourists to explore their homeland. Although, a valid travel document is required to be present at the time of arrival. It can be either a passport or voter id. However, if you make a road trip there, you must acquire a special permit for entry. 

On reaching Nepal, the mesmerizing royal and ancient milieu of the surroundings will overwhelm you. The bustling city streets, the drool-worthy cuisines, the landscape, and the cultural richness are amazing attractions. Meanwhile, the scene of the city is perfectly backdropped by the ranges of the Himalayas. It resembles the most realistic and enchanted paintings. The chilling vibes of the place are another mix of feelings of satisfaction and wistfulness. Adventures, and expeditions are some of the most popular activities for visitors, so you can try one of them.  


Fly to Macau for a substantial holiday. More appealing, the nation does not mind Indian travelers visiting there without a visa. It is one of the most attractive visa-free countries to visit once in a lifetime. For Indian tourists, a visa is not required for a span of 30 days. A few conditions attract such as carrying a passport valid for 6 months from the date of the issue. Additionally, if you are staying longer than the permitted period, you will have to apply for a visa through an embassy or a consulate of the People’s Republic of China.

Formerly a colony of the Portuguese, Macau is a classic combination of modern and ancient architectural glory. The proximity almost attracts tourists all over the world for its surreal beauty. The ethereal city is often seen as the Las Vegas Of Asia. Significantly because of the amusing casinos and malls. The epic buildings and towers are beguiling and often take the attention of every visitor. Moreover, the nightlife scene over the body of water with the blinding lights from the city is incredibly awesome to witness.  


The Embassy of Senegal recently announced the good news of relieving the entry visa formalities for Indian citizens with passports. A period of 90 days is allowed for the Indian citizens to venture to the extent of Senegal. However, it is advisable to carry travel documents such as round-trip tickets and hotel reservations. Other inclusions may require Invitation letters of Sponsorship for the Indian companies, vaccination certificates with regard to the recent pandemic. The state is concerned that visitors should have sufficient funds for the stay in Senegal. 

Rich for wildlife safaris and vivid cultural heritage, Senegal is an ideal destination for holiday seekers. The most unusual attraction is the Retba Lake which appears bright pink which is whimsically true to believe. Other top attractions include the tallest statue in Africa, the House of slaves, and the Saloum Delta. 


The Maldives is the most popular archipelago for beachy holidays. The Republic of Maldives is a Tropical Paradise dotted with white sands, coral reefs, lagoons, and exotic resorts. Gems-like corals and colorful marine life make diving an acute hobby for visitors. Additionally, the extravagant beach culture makes a perfect destination for a honeymoon, romantic hangouts, and a group of friends. The aerial view of the islands is overwhelming to view as the water surrounds the most beautiful pieces of land. Once you trod on this island, you will have the happiest beach vacation you can ever imagine. 

Tourists as an Indian can enter this beautiful island country with just a valid passport. Being one of the Visa-free countries to visit, the nationalities of Indians are good to visit the destination without a visa. However, it is advisable to bring valid travel documents other than passports. Such other documents include hotel reservations, official ids, and round-trip tickets. 

Cook Island

Lying halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, Cook Island is nothing but pure bliss. The whole island brims with endless adventures, holiday venues, and ethereal sceneries. It is crowned with an idyllic climate, unspoiled places of wonders around the vicinity, and sheer romantic relaxation. The reefs and the lagoons are homes to exotic fishes and corals. There are parts of the islands that need fresh exploration. You can take a complete drive around the island within 60 minutes contemplating the patently adorned landscapes. 

Having to visit as an Indian tourist to Cook Island, you are exempted from producing a visa for 30 days. It is one of the countries that allow visa-free passage for Indian travelers. Ensure that you have your passport valid for a minimum of 6 months. Consecutively, check with your airline for connecting flights overseas while journeying to Cook Island. There are chances that countries you pass through en route to your destination may ask for a separate transit visa. Hence, you should confirm all the necessary details before you book your tickets to Cook Island. 


Famed as a nation with a very high human development rate that ranked third, Qatar is a star destination. It is one of the most developed countries in the middle-east Asian region. The landscape of this country comprises an arid desert with an array of dunes and a vast stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline of beaches. The heart of the country, Doha is another feature that intrigues most visitors. The capital city displays a futuristic dominion through its advanced skyscrapers and other pioneering architecture. Most ultramodern structures are mimics of ancient Islamic designs. 

Qatar is one of the countries that allow visa-free access to Indian nationalities. Indian visitors are permitted to the State of Qatar for 30 days affected from the day of their arrival. Other conditions upon arrival demand a passport that is valid for at least 6 months, confirmations of return tickets, and hotel reservations. 


Jamaica is a Caribbean pride hailing as the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea. This island of the West Indies bags a spectacular destination for all sorts of vacations. Its landscape is predominantly mountainous, wonderfully dotted with narrow coastal plains, and bejeweled with caves and caverns. The verdant rainforests and outlined beaches and bays enhanced the limestone plateau island country. Another winning pleasure of this island is the Blue Mountains National Park, with a promising abundance of wildlife. The breathtaking Blue Mountain Peak is the highest peak on the island. 

Visiting Jamaica, Indian citizens need not take a visa if their stay lasts for 14 days. Nonetheless, a passport you carry must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months. Consequently, check the details of your travel to Jamaica for any transit visa or any other requirements for travel documents. 

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