India is not all about the landscape, historic venue, or religious-hued destinations. Literally, food and beverages are part of the intrigue of this great nation. With a unique topographic structure, India variedly introduces myriads of popular alcoholic beverages too. Trying them will give you a great experience. However, an alcoholic noob might flinch at the idea of trying it for the first time. But, mark my word, one shot at a time of all these superb alcoholic drinks will boost your adventurous spirit (and your confidence too)! Moreover, it will scintillate the full senses that keep you going.

So, let’s take you around the ‘United States of India’ for a little sip of alcoholic beverages served in India!

But hey, stick to the advice – You must be 18 and above. 

Apong, Arunachal Pradesh

If you must know, Apong is an exquisitely popular drink in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. This savory blended drink is made from a fermented process suit for any occasion. In fact, this drink goes by many names and is found in most of the tribal societies in the North-East Region in India. Apong is the chief beverage served in many traditional occasions, cultural events, and festivals. Interestingly, this drink has a historical significance tracing back to the early Chinese and Mongoloids descendants of the region. 

Your part is to take a rejuvenating shot while visiting this pristine and old locality. Almost every homebrew Apong is part of their dietary item. The drink is served best with tangly chutney and non-veg cuisine. Good luck with that!

Kallu, Kerala

Kallu is a highlighted alcoholic beverage served across the coastal streak state of Kerala. This quenching and sweet alcoholic beverage is a fermented process derived from coconut and palm sap called toddy. As a matter of fact, toddy is the original outlet for kallu and Neera. Neera is a cleaner version of toddy served as a non-alcoholic drink and kallu is the fermented process served as an intoxicating drink. 

Well, for a starter, kallu is sweet and goes well with the vendors or your host’s specially made cuisines. It is found in Toddy Shanties translated for Toddy’s shop. Follow your heart there and enjoy the rest of the flow. Although with limits. Too much might end you up in trouble!

Bangla Alcoholic Beverages, West Bengal

A shot can get your nerve tickle with this special drink called Bangla. It is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from starch like sorghum, bajra, and wheat. This alcoholic drink is a country liquor found across the state of West Bengal. However, this is a government license sold in the bar and counters. 

Bangla is so well-favored in West Bengal, and beyond that some years, the state earns total revenue of more than 3000 crore Rupees. Try some of the other Bangali brands such as Wonder, Sengupta’s Spark, Uran, Captain, Tarzan, and many more.

Sekmai Yu, Manipur

Sekmai Yu is jestfully adored as a ‘first class’ drink in the whole region of Manipur. The truth is, one sip can give you a chilling spine, burning throat, and a winching facial expression. Try that at least once when you come to the state for a total adventure experience. Basically, this praise-worthy spirited drink is served best with spicy and tangy non-veg items. Trust me, compliment dishes served with Sekmai Yu are wickedly delicious. 

Sekmai Yu or just Yu is typically processed from special sticky rice produced in Manipur. It is derived from a distilled method. In fact, this drink is considered a really pure and powerful spirit. That is why a sip will let your cells cry! Have fun with the sip. 

Feni, Alcoholic Beverages in Goa 

What’s really fun in Goan Beaches? Hanging out with friends, chilling with the normal branded beer, and seeing the day end on the beach. Well, drop the idea of having a regular ‘Beer’! Replace your drinks with Feni, the infamous Goan Alcoholic Beverages of all time. Surprisingly, this drink is either made from cashew apple or coconut and is traditionally made since the Portuguese invaded this region and introduced it.  

Feni is all time favorite of the locals and tourists alike. They can enjoy the aromatic smells from the varieties of feni. However, like champagne or tequila, cashew apple feni is identified as a Geographical Indication. This technically means Goa is its home and nowhere else this drink should be made. 

Mandia Pej, Odisha

You know, a quick gulp of Mandia Pej on a hot sunny day will do a favor for your gut! Although You must first visit Odisha to have this refreshing drink. Odisha introduces you to a blended, savory, and thick Mandia Pej almost to discover your taste buds liking every ounce of it. This tempting drink is made from ragi powder and stale water from boiled rice. 

Almost every tribal family in Odisha prepares and stores this magnetic summer drink. By far, Mandia Pej can be consumed by everyone of all ages. 

Chhaang, Alcoholic Beverages in Sikkim 

Sikkim is a heart-throbbing destination! However, apart from being amazing, they serve the best alcoholic beverages called Chhang. Chhang is a fermented alcoholic drink made from rice or grain millets. This drink will absolutely kill the wintery vibes in you but refuel you with new energy. As much as the locals love the flavor, you will probably love it as a special treat from the land of Lakes and Snow. 

Chhang is usually served on traditional occasions. The Bhutia and the Tibetans of this region typically serve them as a mandatory menu for the elders and adults, otherwise, visitors. 

Zutho, Nagaland

Every Angami Knows best how to serve Zutho in the most adorable way. You can’t just help yourself but bottoms up with the traditional drink called Zutho. This smashing chance might be more intriguing during the Hornbill Festivals hosted every December in Nagaland. The process is quite interesting as it is made from the sprout of rice which is malted. The starch is produced from the process and then left for fermentation. With a 5% alcoholic presence in this drink, you will enjoy the thick sap just gushing into your throat before you realize it sooner… and then another… and then the limit! We ain’t making you go further. 

Zutho is best served with dehydrated, spicy, and tangy varieties of non-veg preparation. To name a few, pork, beef, mutton, chicken, and so on. I’m afraid it might be your firm favorite after a try or two. It is considered the best of all alcoholic beverages.

Chuak, Tripura

Chuak may not be exotic as the finest alcoholic beverages in the world but holds the finest status in the land of Tripura. This exceptional drink is made from rice, jackfruit, or pineapple. It is derived from the process of fermentation and contains about 5% of Alcohol. In fact, they are served mainly on social occasions and feasts. However, some practice making from their own homes for their consumption and for guests. 

Chuak is the favorite of the locals and guests alike as it gives a symbolic trace of their traditional roots and upbringing. If you are a visitor and want to try this drink, cross the age of 18 first. 

 Kaid Um, Meghalaya

Cuisines of Meghalaya are insanely inviting, yet the drinks are unavoidable. Alcoholic beverages such as Kaid Um are the region’s pride served in social events and gatherings. Made from rice, the drink is derived from fermentation. However, this beverage is mainly produced and consumed by the Khasis and the Jaintia Tribes in Meghalaya. Moreover, they are so popular that every visitor loves to have this scintillating drink as one of their diets. 

Heavily flavored meat curry or hydrated meat is the special combination of Kaid Um. 

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