What drives you crazy when it comes to FOOD – Aroma, Taste, Food Presentation, or just everything about it? How often do you come back for the same dish until someone notices your mysterious liking for it? The favourite part is how devouring a local cuisine from a particular region can attract your enzyme. Special and exclusive delicacy making your taste buds to enjoy each morsel.

While you do two things i.e. travelling and sight-seeing, seize a lot more time to celebrate the culture of food of the particular region. That will let you be cosier and more open to the liking of the place, the people, and their culture. Invade the part of living by eating to complete your purpose of visit. To select your call, a list of famous local cuisines is prepared from around the subcontinent giving less time to confirm your decision. Have fun exploring the cuisine of each region from parts of India laid down below to make you feel hungry all over again.

1. Ladakh Local Cuisine – Thukpa

Warm clothes with a timely call for a meal after a freezing stroll outside is perfect timing to savor the infamous hot bowl-full of Thukpa. It is the most favored cuisine in the region of Ladakh. No doubt, most visitors love it after the very first try. The savory dish includes noodles made out of wheat or barley, varieties of fresh vegetables, preferred meat, and spices blended in the broth. A custom spicy chutney is served along to enhance the dish. The taste will never betray the expectation of a starving guest. The inviting flavor of the spices working right in your taste buds will boost your appetite, moreover, it will help keep your body warm and your belly full. 

Originated all the way from Tibet without losing a titbit of ingredients, the locals of Ladakh inherited this dish as their staple food. A great choice to begin and hopefully the most generous idea to serve to the rest of the world in a hot, savory bowl. The most loved Thukpa is available in most of the restaurants and hotels in Leh Ladakh for a reasonable price. An absolute choice for a winter meal. 


2. Imphal Local Cuisine – Singju And Bora

Ever tried food so different that you will talk about it for a long time wishing you would have it again soon? Of all the other local cuisine, an inviting portion of Bora and Singju are two things that will do so. Ask any of the locals, no sooner they will utter these two items.  This delightful cuisine will meet an end to your craving appetite. They are unique yet insanely tasty items found in Imphal in Manipur. The locals are deliberately crazy and love visiting the local food stall to have them. After a long day’s work or a hectic day’s out and a growl in your tummy remind you of food, hunt for a seat where “Imas” or mothers sell these items.

Bora consists of seasonal vegetables, boiled egg cut in half, thin slices of potatoes mixed with besan and spices then deep-fried in the hot oil. It is really fun to see it sizzling and floating on the surface of the oil. Singju is made from mixtures of fresh vegetables. Cabbage, lotus stem, banana flowers, raw papaya, stink/bitter beans, and chana, are the main ingredients. Other special items include Ngari – a traditional fermented fish paste or chutney and other customized ingredients according to one’s special recipe. A spoonful of this mixture will bring back your taste buds into an upright sense. They are exciting combinations as well as enjoyable to consume and so much of a health benefit. These are items you should solemnly try and relish your belly to agree that you have served it right. 

Singju - bora

3. Udaipur Cuisine- Dal-Baati-Churma 

A culinary trip to Udaipur will make you agree upon choosing Dal-Bati-Churma as the most highlighted menu. The locals find it very amusing with the taste and the blending of each ingredient as a masterpiece of food combination. Inclusive of three items – well-cooked dal garnished with spices; a round-shaped dough specially prepared called Baati; and crunches of ground deep-fried wheat balls and ground sugar called Churma further enhanced by the taste of fruits and nuts, they are superbly inviting.

As much as the natives love this item, visitors and guests are easily attracted to this delightful food. Due to a specific reason resulting from the weather and location among the habitats of some nomadic tribes in Rajasthan, this incredible dish emerges as the most suitable dish. Since then it has been a staple food and the most enjoyable dish you will find in every celebration, any restaurant, and food stalls in the region and also spread far and wide. Never dare to miss this item to avoid your loss. 


4. Cochin Cuisine- Kerala Parotta

If you ever come to Cochin for reasons, hunt for the most well-known Kerala Parotta, a Malabari-originated cuisine. No doubt, this item is an absolutely mesmerizing typical dish loved by everyone. The coastal region is gifted with a variety of ethnic cuisines. However, this particular dish will flatter your appetite. One of the specialties of this creditable item is a flatbread, layered with soft flakes made out of refined flour.

A slurpy soup or curry is served along for a perfect match. A preference for veg or non-veg is your obvious choice. The curry has a deserving credit when it is prepared with non-veg items like chicken, mutton, beef, etc.  This smacking soup’s taste is so divine that your taste buds will go nuts out of a craving for the savory blending. So much as the people like it, almost every restaurant or food stall serves this satisfying cuisine. They are served for affordable bucks but would last in your memory for a long time. 

Kerala Parotta

5. Nagpur Local Cuisine – Nagpuri Tarri Poha

The essence of fine culture and contented living is seen in the heart of food delicacies. Nagpur is an ideal spot to offer you the most classic Tarri Poha. It will draw you a hundred steps closer with its aroma, presentation and find yourself submissive to the taste. This quintessential item is a prime item that the locals and visitors love having during the wee hours of the day. Genuinely a devouring cuisine offered from the vicinity of this diverse cultured region.

These craving items include flattened rice with other interesting ingredients mixed with it. And along with Tarri, a spicy curry made out of dark-colored gram or chana. Together they make a perfect combo as if meant for each other forever. If you are hurrying off without a breakfast plan in the morning, the roadside food stalls and restaurants are waiting for you. You can take a quick grab of the most delicious Tarri Poha, a never-failing appetizer. It is a customary cuisine yet the most recommended one. Hence, to visit Nagpur without savoring it will be a very disappointing and incomplete visitation.

Nagpuri Tari Poha