Spare a day for a scrumptious trip to Muthathi in Karnataka. The vast stretch of the lush green forest is sure to captivate anyone travelling to this place. The surreal landscape, the mighty Kaveri river and its heart-throbbing waterfalls nearby are the major attractions that draw many visitors all around the year. Visit the spectacular location of Muthathi to witness the myth that has been told for ages about Sita and Anjaneya. 

Where is Muthathi? 


Muthathi is a settlement that resides on the bank of the River Kaveri near Malavalli in Karnataka, India. It is also known by another name as Muttatti. The less trodden landmark has the most spectacular views and various elegant waterfalls that is ideal for backpacking, outing and other recreational activities. It is located in the district of Mandya and is close to Kanakapura. The perk of this location is that it is also close to Bheemeshwari, one of the top attractions around the area. Hence, visitors can relish the advantages of seeing many places other than one. 

A Little Myth About Muthathi

A revered Statue Near Anjuneya Temple

The sheer resplendent vista is not the only one that made Muthathi enticing. A little dotted temple dedicated to Anjaneya speaks of mythology associated with Sita, the wife of Rama and Anjaneya, a Hindu deity. The myth states that the lord Anjaneya found a nose stud of Sita that she lost while taking a bath in the great Cauvery River. This phenomenal incident made it an exceptional significance for the people of Hindu and adds more reason to visit so. 

How to Reach

Kaveri River

Muthathi is just a few calls away from Bangalore. Buses are the only option for public transport, however, one can travel hassle-free from private vehicles as well. If the journey has to begin from Bangalore, as most travellers will prefer, there are two ways to commence. One option is the Kanakapura road and the other one is Ramanagaram road. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take the Kanakapura road as the distance is nearer to the destination. It covers a distance of about 100 km from the city of Bangalore with an advantage to visit other places of interest. The journey includes several hairpin curves and a road that goes uphills and downhills that allow every onlooker to enjoy the scenic ride and views. 

There are hardly any villages between the way, therefore it is wise for all travellers to carry mandatory essentials such as water and food. 

Things To do in Muthathi

Anjuneya Temple, Muthathi

The green sceneries, the gentle hilly slopes and the sluggish Kaveri River with its dazzling waterfalls makes Muthathi a perfect spot for city dwellers. Close to nature and far-flung from the chaotic city life, the refreshing dreamy landscape will soothe you. The river view is so collected and the view is a promise of otherworldly essentials. For its religious significance, it is also considered a sacred place and can see pilgrims make their way to the little temple to pay their homage. 

The blue gurgling river is a great spot for fishing, coracle rides, group picnics and trekking beside the place. However, swimming is one of the risk-taking activities here and is strictly advisable for anyone not to do so. There are hidden whirlwinds and the current is so swift beneath the deceiving calm river. And not to miss, several death tolls happened in the very destination. Even great swimmers lose their lives either by trying to save or they just couldn’t get out of the water. 

The forests of Muthathi allow onlookers to spot wild animals at their finest. Have a gleeful moment watching a few wilds lurking in the jungle while you spend your weekend here. It is ideal for a group of people and family for picnics and hangouts.

But, keep in mind that there are hardly or no options to have food from outside. So, its advisable to carry however way you have to feed your hunger throughout the journey.

Places To Visit Nearby


Bheemeshwari – Muthathi alternative is Bheemeshwari, a fishing campsite stacked with activities. The distance between these places is around 5 km and is a great recourse for city dwellers. People who love angling can meaningfully spend a day here too. To make it more fun, you can have a barbecue special out of the loot you got. Rafting, kayaking, trekking, camping, angling, wildlife safaris and other activities are impulsive things to do. 

Chunchi waterfall – Chunchi waterfall is just a few distances away from Muthathi. Its splendid view of the water cascading down to its course and the gorges is enough to baffle any visitors. 

Shimsha Waterfall – Just a few kilometres from Muthathi will take you to Shimsha Waterfalls. This scenic waterfalls is one of the places people love to visit for picnics and other recreational purposes.

Mekedatu Falls – Witnessing the splendid Mekedatu falls face to face is an insane wanderlust experience. It is just a few distances away from the Muthathi Wildlife Sanctuary. 

Places to stay

Jungle lodges and nature retreat, Bheemeshwari

Preferably, travellers often stay in Bangalore or Bheemeshwari since a day visiting Muthathi is more than enough. Besides, there are a lot of times in hand to visit other places nearby. Moreover, Muthathi is a less trodden nature sanctuary and hardly one will find a good place to stay. Stay like Jungle Lodges and resorts at Bheemeshwari offers good options for guests.