Longing for an ultimate wanderlust experience? Well then, the marvelling intensity of Tamenglong is an open invitation for any avid wanderers looking for raw adventures. If you are one with a zeal to explore audacious spots, visit the humble turf of Tamenglong that lies hidden amidst nature’s lap. The unparalleled view at the very touch of its border is enough to declare its casting pride in the abundance of nature’s gift. Hence, it is a portal to every uncharted place to baffle you. 

Become a travel buff recollecting the abundance of good places, tasting the juiciest oranges, encountering the chatty locals, and many more in Tamenglong. Judge this not, but the experience is a hundred billion dollars worth of memories to carry on for life. 

Where Is Tamenglong (TML)?

Splendid view of Tamenglong Town Like a fallen sky

The serene and bountiful mountainous town of Tamenglong slumbers in the west part of Manipur, India. It is one of the picturesque hill districts covering a distance of 170 km from Imphal, the capital city of the state. The unparalleled destination shares borders with Senapati in the East, Assam in the West, Nagaland in the North, and Churachandpur in the South. Charmingly hidden within the blue hills, the beauty of this location is inconceivably enchanting. The untamed and virgin forests, the thick vegetation, the rich organic orange orchards, the majestic mountain ranges, the tranquillity, and the vibrant culture features the unique elegance of this place. Generally, the Zeliangrong Naga Tribe lives in Tamenglong.  

Best Time To Visit Tamenglong

Somewhere Outskirt in Tamenglong

Tamenglong has several deserving criterias as one of the best places to visit on earth. Besides, every season brings about sensational changes to the mystifying landscape that makes it easy to fall in love with. However, no matter how resplendent the place is, the truth must be told. Firstly, this dawn-lit abode receives intense rainfall from mid-April to late September making it one of the rainiest places. Secondly, It’s good news for a hodophile yet a face-winching challenge for ordinary visitors that the way to Tamenglong is treacherous. On top of that, the road condition is not a promising sight. Pretty much, you will see a cloud of dust swirling up every time a vehicle passes by. 


Nevertheless, the best time to visit Tamenglong falls in the months of December and January. Although you gotta pile up your luggage with extra warm clothes, it’s the best call to explore every nook and corner of the place. Winters are usually dry and the landscape is sadly rustic due to the amount of dust mounting every roof and road, but the outskirts of the town look splendid. 


Would you dare walk this bridge Bridge in Barak River

Albeit the question of early monsoon and dry winters, it’s heavenly to visit this hill station in March and April to see the blithe of spring. Nothing can beat the magical transformation of nature into a whole new and fresh view. You can witness the sweet melody of birds chirping gayly, the blossoming orchids and the cheerful folks going about doing their day-to-day activities. 

Summer and Monsoon

If you are a monsoon freak, darn it, you will likely get enticed with the milieu of Tamenglong. The saturated vista offers a dreamy poetic aura to every delicate nature lover. Nevertheless, the monsoon never seemed to give a break for summer to rule the place. Hence, there is hardly a fulfilling summer experience in the area as it tags too well with the monsoon season. However, the pleasant weather is indeed inviting to spend a dreamy and romantic holiday. 

Note: Tamenglong receives heavy rainfall in May, June, And July. Avoid travelling this time of the year as frequent landslides occur on the way. Since it is a hilly region, the roads cut through the hills. 

Places To Visit In Tamenglong

One can say of Tamenglong as trekkers’ paradise, naturalists hideout, adventurers’ turf and inspiring vocation for vivid Shakespeareans. So, get to explore many spectacular places that can levitate your imaginations to a land of wonders. 

Puilong or Buning Meadows

Puilong Or Buning Meadows

Just 46 km and two hours’ hideous ride from Tamenglong will find the most stunning view of Buning Meadows. Locally called as N-Piulong, it is an extensive area with multiple rolling lumps of soft green grass. Needless to say, it is beyond all compliments for the surreal surroundings, the abundance of flora and fauna, and the amazing varieties of flowers blooming in their prime season. People in and around the area love exploring this ethereal place for hang-out, picnics, and other recreational activities. To lay back on the soft carpet of grass and watch the clear blue sky in daylight is something unreal you can experience here. 

In the early times, as told, the early settlers cultivated crops in the very place. They found out that the soil is so fertile and anything they sow bore an abundance of crops. Hence they named the place Buining which is somewhat translated as Rice Bowl. However, due to some land circumstances, now the place remains intact with heavy human activities.  

Zeilad Lake Sanctuary

Zeilad Lake

Mostly accessible on foot, Zeilad Lake Sanctuary is a euphoric destination and is at its best in April. Densely surrounded by thick jungles and green hills, the sunlight hardly penetrates the road leading to the location. The sanctuary comprises seven lakes namely Zeilad, Napsemzei, Guiphuapzei, Narouzei, Tuangpuizei, Goulungzei and one unnamed zei. The locals of Tamenglong call the lake ‘zei’. Each zei has engulfing stories behind their existence and the locals have loads of mythical evidence for each of them. The prolific lakes are homes to various aquatic plants and animals. Fishes, pythons, reptiles and other migratory birds are found in the vicinity. 

The scenic surrounding and the little hamlet of Makuai resplendently invite tourists of all kinds to relish in the nature trance. Moreover, it offers a good option for aquatic, adventurous and recreational activities. One can drench in this soulful location and get a chance to create memories for a lifetime. 

Tharon Cave

Tharon Cave Entrance

Tharon Cave holds a fascinating position as one of the best places to visit in Manipur Tourism. If the idea of visiting mysterious places ever invades you, Tharon Cave is a great place to consider. It is about 46 km from Tamenglong and a two hours bumpy ride to reach. The cavern area is not accurately known but it is estimated to be 655.6 m long with 34 sections of rooms and five exits. It has several compartments in various sizes, shapes and stories interlinking them through tunnels.

Among many rooms such as meeting hall, dormitory, workshop hall and other named and unnamed rooms, lover hall holds an intriguing story behind it. A long time ago a couple happened to explore the cave. Upon entering the first hall, the adjacent walls smashed them to death. Ever since this day there is a bloodstain on the walls and is called the lover hall. This gigantic burrowed cave is the ultimate spot for true adventurers, trekkers, and aspiring archaeologists.

Get to explore the nearby places such as the shady woods, serene waterfalls gently cascading down from the top and the overwhelming village of Tharon.

Ahu (Barak) Khouduang Waterfalls

Ahu (Barak) Waterfall, Tamenglong

Another splash of delight in the eyes of explorers in Tamenglong is the Ahu Khouduang Waterfalls. Ahu or Barak is the biggest and the main river flowing through the cleavages of the semi-evergreen mountains. A little downstream from a few villages near Ahu River will find the little version of Niagara Falls splendidly plunging in a clear blue pool of water. It is one of nature’s masterpieces bestowed with rich flora and fauna and an amusing landscape. Activities such as camping, hunting, fishing, boating, and swimming are ideal things to do. Besides, the calm nightlife at the Ahu Khouduang waterfalls is something you cannot undo but savor every ounce of the passing day. The wildlife surrounding you gives a vibe of being one with them. 

The Reangans Of Tamenglong

Reangans of Tamenglong

Reangans (pronounced Reng-Gan) are huge fort-like indigenous stones projects significantly built for multi-purposes in the olden days and still in use today. They are considered as a village boundary where they serve as defense territory from evil or unknown spirits and enemies. The indigenous folks who were once pagans strongly believed this and felt protected against any activities that can harm their habitat area. 

Villages in Tamenglong such as Inriangluang, Dailong, and Chiuluan have erected remarkable Reangans. Among these, the Inriangluang Reangan is the most ancient one, intact with intense modifications but purely indigenous and original. Any time of the year is great to visit, but most ideal to visit in April to see the lush green landscape and to taste the juiciest bayberries, the gift of the season. One can see the far-fetched sight of the Barak River from the reangan. Dailong Reangan is also one of the ancient establishments, yet, it has gone through some alterations. The view remains splendid throughout the year and is a great recreational spot. Nevertheless, Chiuluan Reangan becomes a recent spotlight in the area, luring visitors to explore its beautiful proximity. The treehouse, the skywalk, and the little homestay at the bottom-most part of Reangan are some of the enticing things to see. 

All these Reangans are idyllic for a picnic, short trekking, sightseeing and hang-out for various groups of people.

Khoupanglang Caves

Farmland Cave, Tamenglong

Seeing nature create its art in the middle of nowhere is something surreal to behold. Carved out of the rock, the caves of Khoupanglang is a most sought after spot for explorers. The open cave has three to four sections of rooms, of which one of them is not within human reach. The waterfall dropping from the roof of the cave is one of the most captivating sights to behold. The verdant woods, creepers and beautiful landscapes circumscribe the cave and is a good spot for a picnic.

Indeginous Villages 

Splendid view of Inriangluang Village

The villages in Tamenglong are charming in their existence. They are strategically located in the most mesmerizing places of this beautifully bestowed land. The indigenous people belong to the Zeliangrong Naga tribe and most of them are occupants of agriculture. Nevertheless, majorly, they speak one common language which is Rongmei. Make home visits to a few of these villages to know more about the dynamic culture of the people and create a new circle of friendship. No doubt, you will love the people for their benign nature, hospitality and vibrant spirit. Moreover, they are open to an unlimited source of information, and one can enjoy the passing hours with several cups of tea.

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Things To Do In Tamenglong

Riders' Paradise - Chiuluan 5th MR Camp

Ideal to visit in winters for elated activities, Tamenglong welcomes its visitors openly. Things you can legitimately do in TML are as follows:

  • Attend the Extravagant State Level Orange Festival that annually takes place in the second week of December. One can see the indigenous crafts and unique gastronomy displayed during the festival. Also, get to taste the most famous oranges of the state and witness the beauty pageant making their way to be crowned orange queen. 
  • Do not miss out to taste the most syrupy Jou-ngao, a local rice beer that quenches the toughest thirst. The taste is so sweet and soulful that you will definitely fall in love with it. 
  • For so long Tamenglong has been a hub store for thrifting. Thrift shop to your heart’s content, for what it takes, it is the taste of being in TML. 
  • Most villages in TML are freaking cute and quaint. Trek to some of the nearby villages or drive through some far off places. 
  • Barak River is the biggest and the most imposing destination for adventurers. Trekking here is a great ideal things to do. Fishing, boating and camping are other activities that will excite you.
  • The main motivation for visiting Tamenglong is sightseeing. The nature appears much better here and the backdrop looks phenomenal. A treat for the eyes and an undisputed nature retreat for anyone dying to regain their spiritual being. 
  • Visit the dotted tea gardens in the outskirts of the town and villages. Also, try out the nicely brewed hand-made tea in the humble homes of the locals. 

How To reach Tamenglong

Chopper Service Between Imphal and Tamenglong

If only there is a way to teleport to the inconceivable Tamenglong, you can have a solid nature retreat for as long as you want. Sadly, it is a long journey with a promise of six hours of stunt driving from Imphal. Talking about commencing the journey, below are the options for your reference.  

By Air: 

The nearest airport to Tamenglong is Imphal Tulihal Airport. Pick a taxi from the airport and head up for Tamei Parking. There is also a chopper service to Tamenglong where you can get from the same airport. You can either travel by road or by chopper which costs around Rs. 3000 INR till Tamenglong. 

By Rail: 

The closest railhead is in Dimapur wherein you have to break the journey into three parts. Once you reach Dimapur, catch a bus or taxi for Imphal. You can find them easily as they ply regularly. On reaching Imphal, you will find taxis waiting at Tamei Parking to go to Tamenglong which runs in two intervals. The first trips are at 6:00 – 6:30 am, and the second journey starts at 12:00 – 12:30 pm 

By Road: 

Road Trip to the town of oranges commences from Tamei Parking in Imphal. The distance to reach Tamenglong from Imphal is 146 km and takes about six to seven hours. However, there is a short-cut way to reach TML which takes only 4 to 5 hours but weather conditions apply.

Places To Stay In Tamenglong

Kai of Hills Homestay, Secretariat Road

Tamenglong stands in need of the world to discover its unexplored gems. It is a passage laid down for every wayfarer to relish their frail mind, soul and spirit. However, the eligibility is underestimated as transportation and accommodations are not expediently promoted. Hence, this far-fetch area is yet to provide its humble travellers with efficient places to stay. Nevertheless, you can look forward to a few of the mentioned stays that can hold you up during your stay. Located on the outskirts of the main town, Kai of the Hills is a quaint homestay with well-equipped amenities. The circumscribing trees and untamed woods are a welcoming sight for a spirited visitor. Chiuluan Reangan Rest house in Chiuluan is the alternate option for those who seek a quiet and undisturbed location. Sui Hotel, Apollo Inn, and Tamenglong Circuit house, located in the town are other options to stay.