Remember recently when the Covid-19 second wave hit India brutally? The philanthropic scenario made the whole world dismayed. Where it was assumed impossible to recover very quickly, this nation has toppled the situation impressively. However, traveling is yet to fully function for Indian travelers right now. Most International destinations stop Indians from visiting them for fear of the Covid-19 new variant. On the bright side, we can see silver linings on the dark clouds. Some countries such as Russia, Egypt, and Albania have opened passages for travelers coming from India. Delve for more details below on 10 Countries Indians can Travel Right Now! Cue the music and begin packing your luggage for the ultimate getaway or just travel to countries Indians can Travel to!


Russia is a must-visit destination, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg! If you are traveling there, you can apply for a tourist visa valid for up to 30 days. It is applicable either for single entry or double entry. As the pandemic situation is ebbing away, Russia is on the move to revive its tourism services. It also makes it one of the countries Indians can travel to currently. With the country recently resuming its flight operations, travelers find it soothing to visit there. However, tourists entering the country must have a negative RT-PCR test report issued 72 hours before their arrival. Yet it is advisable to book your tickets after you thoroughly check the situation in Russia. 


Planning a trip to Egypt these days? Traveling is possible now although flights to the country are not fully operational. You can take the chance to go see the Great Pyramids or explore the city of Cairo. However, traveling there will require presenting a negative RT-PCR test report no older than 72 hours before arrival. Furthermore, there is a requirement for health screenings or filling in a health declaration for overseas visitors at the time of arrival. Also, there are no exceptions for quarantine till the tourists get a negative result. 

Priority to safety, there is a restriction to tourists arriving from South Sinai and Matrouh, the Red Sea coastal Province or to travel to other Egyptian governorates.


Turkey is one of the prettiest countries, lucky to learn that it is now open for travelers to visit. Hence, it is also one of the countries to allow Indians to travel to despite the unparalleled situation. Although traveling has not ceased, international visitors are required to have a negative RT-PCR test result procured 72 hours prior to arrival. This may even subject Indian travelers to undergo quarantine for 14 days. 


For unrivaled experiences, Serbia is an enchanting destination leaving all visitors speechless. This time, if you are planning to visit this exotic country you are in luck. Nevertheless, tourists must provide a negative RT-PCR test report taken 48 hours before arrival. The Lufthansa and KLM Royal Dutch allow only limited flights from Mumbai to Belgrade. Hence, if you are traveling there, prepare beforehand about travel and Covid-19 Status. Please note that ages below 12 are not recommended to travel to Serbia right now. Attractions on the highlights include House on the Drina, Kalemegdan, Church of St. Sava, dazzling streets, and many others. 


For the fact that Iceland is green, it is an impeccable country for one to visit in a lifetime. As we can see the Covid-19 pandemic subsiding, travelers can now visit this country regardless of their origin. Indian travelers are no exception from traveling to this amazing destination full of exotic landscapes and attractions. To make it sound cooler, a vaccine certificate, proof of infection recovery certificates can excuse you from RT- PCR Testing. However, a Covishield (Indian Vaccine yet to be approved by WHO) vaccinated traveler might be required to present a negative result from the RT-PCR test within 72 hours. Moreover, every passenger will undergo a mandatory Covid Screening upon arrival. This might even be subject to stay quarantine until proved negative.

South Africa

South Africa does not stop Indians to travel now to their country with moderate restrictions. All you need is to provide proof of a negative PCR test not older than 72 hours upon arrival. Please note that the report presented as a digital certificate is not accepted except for a paper copy. There is a requirement for a test on arrival or quarantine for 10 days at their expense if travelers do not have a valid test report. However, Africa is facing a new strain of Coronavirus that leaves a questionable challenge to travel. Flights from many countries are suspended to enter or leave the country. Hence, make a prior check on the latest update for full details from the local embassy or official website. 


Uzbekistan is a splendid holiday destination with so many places to visit. It is one of the countries Indians can travel to at the moment. If you have plans to visit this exuberant country, carry a negative PCR report taken no more than 72 hours upon arrival. Travelers are mandatory to fill up travel health questionnaires and undergo health screening. Any travelers with signs of suspicion of coronavirus will have to undergo quarantine as per the compliances of the region. Meanwhile, if you have surpassed all the mandatory check-ins, you can enjoy a soulful visit to various attractions in and around the city in Uzbekistan. 


Mauritius is an island sitting pretty on the Indian Ocean. It is one of the dream destinations for anyone alike. If you are excited to spend summer in this Island country, make prep for 15th July 2021. This island nation is now finally lifting the restrictions to travel caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, travelers must comply with the safety protocols while visiting the country. Passengers must present a negative PCR test taken before 7 days or at least 5 days from the last point of embarkation. If need be, a passenger is likely or mandatory to undergo quarantine for 14 days. 

South Korea

The country of BTS, Blackpink and other popular K-Pop has called off a break from travel restrictions. South Korea is one of the countries Indians can travel to right now. To ensure your entry permission, comply with the requirements such as a negative PCR report taken before 72 days. Travelers who have taken vaccinations but not Covaxin are exempted from mandatory quarantine.

Once you are fully allowed to explore the city, first thing first is to try the relishing street foods. The rest of the other activities will fall into their places after you enjoy the savvy delicacies.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a rugged rainforested Central American country is a bounty feast for the eyes with its loveliest landscape. It is one of the countries that allow Indians to travel without strict travel restrictions. However, travelers must fill out a health pass form upon arrival to make sure everyone adheres to safety. In some cases, travelers will require to present a negative PCR report taken within 72 hours or undergo quarantine.

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