All of us have been there before: Daydreaming In the workstations or classrooms and wishing we were elsewhere! We muse about the far-off lands, enchanted forests, and envisage having delicious food and meeting new people. So close to what we envisage, Northeast India is a dreamland for all the intrepid travelers in the world to find a piece or whole of everything. Consisting of Eight graceful states, Northeast India is a euphoric nature’s edge every traveler would love to explore. What is more thrilling is that it is an idyllic destination for solo hodophile with a philanthropy of choices. Take a rundown on the lines for an Ultimate Guide To Travel Solo In Northeast India.

PS: you will love it! 

The Northeast States of India

The Northeast states of India

Wait up then, Before we brace up to travel solo in Northeast India, let’s locate where the states are! Northeast India comprises Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, and Tripura. Otherwise, NE is also epithet as Seven Sisters and the youngest Brother Sikkim. The states cover the entire northeastern part of India where the mountains, the hills, and the valleys resplendently cover the region. Needless to say, its varied topography offers unique and ample opportunities for any travel enthusiast. Moreover, the region is a perfect nature retreat for solo travelers. Two-thirds of its place is a hill station and consists of tribal society.

Despite its frail popularity in the past, the region today is the most coveted destination for tourism of all kinds. Besides, it is acknowledged as the most beautiful part of the country where backpackers can truly experience adventure and escapades on another level. Get ready for a scrumptious solo trip and adventures to one of the otherworldly destinations of India. 

Prep For Solo Trip To Northeast (NE) India

Your purpose to travel solo to Northeast India may differ from the regular trip you have encountered. Having said that, one must know that there is a vast opportunity layout there but you need to repurpose your trip planning Either for a nature escapade, cultural exploration or just go chill solo, you should prep for a great vacation. Check out below for some tips. 

1. First Thing First, Research About the Place You Want To Explore 

Reserch before you explore explore

This goes for every trip planning, however, to travel solo to Northeast India needs more attention. It cannot be denied that every spot out there is picturesque and has unique patterns of culture, traditions, and social life. Yet research is necessary before you head out to this massive place in terms of travel type, seasons, or places. 

For instance, you can attend the famous Hornbill Festival of Nagaland or the Sangai Festival only in the first week of December and the last week of November respectively. Likewise, visiting places like Tawang, Loktak Lake, Dzukou Valley, or Kaziranga National Park have specific seasons to visit. Hence, being aware of the place thoroughly is a must to satiate your travel hunger. 

2. Packing Your Backpack

Packing Your Backpack

Your bag will consist of stuff according to the place you are traveling to. Keeping in mind that the Northeast is a hilly region, prepare to fight cold and unexpected rain while visiting Shillong, Parts of Arunachal Pradesh, and Manipur. Remember you are solo traveling so there’s hardly anyone to come to your aid anytime you need. Pack efficiently like light but warm clothes, compact toiletries, first aid kits, umbrellas, and waterproofing materials for your electronic gadgets. Also, use of credit or debit cards are not yet popular in the rural areas. Therefore, carry lot of cash to pay for your basic needs. 

3. Familiarise With The Means Of Transports

Solo travel to northeast india

Most Northeast states are reachable through major airlines and railways. Assam and Nagaland are well connected with both air and railway, but other states have only airlines and road connectivity. In fact, traveling is not a wide-range option in most of the states. Moreover, most districts in the states like Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh operate transportation only until the sunsets. However, inter-state transportation is available in all the states to travel at night. As a solo traveler, you must gather precise information about the transportation of every place you are journeying to. Check out for taxis or buses that are operated by the government or trusted travel agents to guide you. In such a regard, you can also get help from Liamtra to guide you through your entire journey to Northeast India.

4. Appraise the current situation about Bans and Curfews

What to know befor solo travel to northeast india

Nobody wants to get stuck with constraints, right! Contrary to the infinite beauty of the region, most of the Northeast states have issues with bandhs, strikes, and curfews often. Having abreast of the current situation or news can really save you from getting stuck to one location or getting stranded as a solo traveler. You cannot help yourself if these cases arise as you cannot move out and the situation can become out of hand. 

5. Get your Permits Ready Beforehand 

Get permists before solo travel to northeast india

Not all the states of the Northeast can let tourists visit openly. States like Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Manipur are strategically located or bordering other countries like China, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. Like we need a passport or visa to travel to other countries, you need to apply for special permits to visit the Northeast states. If you are taking a solo staycation, apply for Inner Line Permits (ILP) and if you are from another country, apply for Protected Area Permit (PAP). However, all these processes must be done beforehand as the issue may take a couple of days. This is to ensure you have a smooth solo trip towards your dream destination.

6. Research About Places To Stay 

solo travel to northeast india and accommodation

Unlike the urban areas like Imphal, Aizawl, Shillong, Itanagar, Gangtok, and most cities in Assam in Northeast states that have almost every option to stay, finding accommodation in the countryside can be a real drag. Not very recently was this place a tourist-friendly region and due to this not many of the far-fetched areas were aware of tourists’ hype. Although hostels and cheap stays are a knotty challenge to track and find, homestays are rather conducive options for solo travelers. 

On the bright side, nowadays, tourism is taking action in every nook and corner of this region. Therefore, accommodations in recent times will develop immensely as the locals take interest in tourism. Moreover, you are in luck if you have Northeastern friends as they are earnestly hospitable to invite you home. 

7. Linguistic Differences But You Can Rock On With A Smile

Linguistic Differences But You Can Rock On With A Smile

Distinctive features of the Northeast region are not only the looks and culture but the linguistic differences that live in absolute harmony. The tribes and communities of this region speak different languages which you might not have any clue about. If you are solo travelling there, lighten your face, smile a bit more and you will see the genial magic of the locals in sharing their love language with you. However, do not be disheartened as few locals are pretty good at speaking English, or Hindi. Nevertheless, the power of smiles and good gestures beat every language barrier. 

It is obvious you will be hearing Assamese, Nagamese, Manipuri, and other odd languages chattering around the specific places you visit. Good luck, travellers, learning some of them!

8. Go Local 

Internet challenge while solo travel to northeast India

Good internet can be a real challenge if you travel to the northeast region. However, it is an ideal place to make friends and find comfort with nature, hence, netizens shouldn’t worry much about poor internet connectivity. Also, if you are going places, google maps may not be very much handy because the locals are the best guides there. Meanwhile, it is also a great chance to walk the life of the locals and be one with them. 

9. Meet A Group Of Solo Travel Buffs Like You

Companions on solo travel to Northeast india

Solo travel to Northeast India has become a popular interest and trend for vacationers, staycations, and avid travellers. So you are not a lone traveller there. Prepare to meet solo backpackers like you in the course of solo quests while trekking, hiking, or just travelling. 

10. Preserve the best memories – Test Local Everything!

A huge part of solo travel to northeast india iis trying local products

The best part of your solo travel experience to Northeast India could be hard to choose. Everything that you discover around this place will entice you like never before. Try everything local out here such as drinking the slurpy rice beer, drooling over the scrumptious meals, trying the cultural costume of each tribe, ululating like the tribals, or hiking like a real local who commutes to different locations.

Visiting regional locations also means an opportunity to promote and encourage local business. In effort to help, you can look for locally operated stays, buy local souvenirs, hire local taxis or guides and the adds goes on.

11. Travel, Travel and Travel For More Inspiration 

travel solo to northeast india for travel inspiration

A week or two is not enough time to travel and explore the entire location of northeast India. If time can wait for you, travel anywhere and everywhere to meet, greet, make friends, learn the unlearn, reach the unreached and become yourself a vessel of inspiration through experiences. Basking over the boat on Umiam Lake, composing a couplet under the starry night sky at Dzukou valley, or trekking the mountainous ranges of Himalaya, make the best out of your solo travel to Northeast India. 

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Places To Visit as Solo Travellers in Northeast India

Compiling you the most exciting venturing tips for you: 

For Culture Exposure 

Cultural Essence of Northeast India

If you love venturing into the culture of unique tribal communities, consider attending popular festivals such as Sangai Festivals in Manipur, Hornbill Festivals in Nagaland, Anthurium Festivals in Mizoram or Orange Festivals in Arunachal Pradesh. Not only will the colourful traditions baffle you but the multi-cuisines and indigenous handicrafts will magnetise you.

Heritage Walk 

The Northeast States preserve rich indigenous remains of their past that eventually became their luxuriance. Each with unique and legendary histories, the heritage walk around the place will take you way back in the past. Places such as Khonoma and Kisama in Nagaland, Reangans of Tamenglong in Manipur, Ujjayanta Palace of Tripura or the heritage village in Meghalaya speaks of the glorious past. Visit these places to learn the heroic past of each state or tribe of Northeast India. 

Nature Escapade, Trekking, and Adventures 

Northeast heritage

Beyond photographic beauty, Northeast is effortlessly nature’s great project. It is indeed a travellers’ paradise and an explorers’ ideal turf to get lost amidst the landscape and dip in the glory of creation. The pleasing news is that several audacious spots are awaiting the arrival of its adventure enthusiasts. Dzukou or Dzüko Valley straddling the states of Manipur and Nagaland, Shirui Hills in Manipur, Shillong’s Laitlum Canyons, Mt. Kanchenjunga at Sikkim, Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and many other place you can amalgamate your travel to the fullest.  

National Parks 

Khangchendzonga National Park

The abundance of wildlife species, imposing scenery, and lush green vegetation is to preserve at any cost. Such places are gravely preserved in most northeastern states as wildlife sanctuaries. Khangchendzonga National Park, Kaziranga National Park, Nameri National Park, and Keibul Lamjao National Park are a few of the most popular national parks in Northeast India. Some of these national parks are homes to the one horn Rhinos, a unique species of deer called Sangai, white elephants, Python and other species of Big Cat families.