What do you look forward to after spending the whole week toiling and making it through? A relaxed atmosphere? A place to rejuvenate? To feel a little alive? To live peacefully?

What if the weekend came in with all this and leisure. A place to just be, a little away from home which gives you a good space to recreate. Who wouldn’t fancy a small trip to relax over the weekend trips from Delhi and join the hustle for the next week. Neemrana Fort Palace offers you luxury and culture all in one plate. Noor Mahal gives you beauty and royalty wrapped together. Whereas, Pinjore lets you dive in history and enjoy the serenity. 

Looking to spend a quiet weekend cosied up in the arms of royal heritage? Then here are a few heritage getaways dipped in art, culture and history. Join in and plan your leisure over the weekend Royally! 



Riding through the Delhi-Jaipur highway, just 122 km away from the capital is a way that commences to the palace city called Alwar in Rajasthan. Just an hour away from Alwar lies the ancient town Neemrana. Neemrana was deemed as the capital of the Chauhans till 1947. The Chauhans are said to be direct heirs of Prithvi Chauhan, the King of the Chahamana dynasty. Neemrana received its name from the local Chieftain Nimola Meo. After losing a battle with the Chauhan’s, he pleaded his name be given to the town.  Neemrana is well-known for hosting one of the noblest and ancient heritage sites in the country, the Neemrana Fort. The fort was built on top of the Aravalli hills in 1464 and flares out to six acres. In the 20th century, the king of Neemrana Rajinder Singh left the fort as his residence, due to which the fort was in shambles for a long period of forty years. In 1986 the ruins were restored and revamped and finally, in 1991 it was opened to the public. The Neemrana fort stretches up to ten levels, seventy-six rooms, an embankment, lush hanging gardens, two swimming pools, an Ayurvedic spa, salons, an amphitheatre and India’s first Zipline are just some of the offerings that the Neemrana fort lays out for its guests. Visitors will get to witness beguiling antiques that have been preserved for over five hundred. Hence, many steps and ramps have been created in this 2.5-hectare property. In 2016, two lifts were also introduced to make commuting inside the property convenient. The Neemrana fort takes you five centuries back, making it the most popular heritage properties near Jaipur.

The entry ticket to the Neemrana Fort is ₹1,700 (9:00 AM to 2:30 PM). The price includes lunch for ₹1,416 and the balance of ₹284 is the entry fee. The weekend prices for the Neemrana fort is ₹2000. The lunch price is the same as the weekday price (₹1,416) but, the entry fees for the weekend is ₹584 (12:00 PM. To 2:30 PM.) These packages include entry and lunch for one person.

The Distance between Delhi and Neemrana is a two-hour journey (120 km) via the Delhi-Jaipur Expressway or the NH8. Several Rajasthan State Transport Corporation or private buses travel to Neemrana from Delhi and other major cities of Rajasthan. Alwar (73km), Jaipur (146 km), Ajmer (275 km), Jodhpur (477 km) are some of the nearest cities to Neemrana. Another option for you would be to board a train to Alwar. Major cities like New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ajmer pass through the railway route to Alwar. You can also opt for a flight to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi and then travel to Neemrana by cab. The Neemrana Fort is not just a staycation over the weekend. It is an experience, a glimpse into history that will make you witness how the royalties used to live years ago.


Noor Mahal

The Noor Mahal is an exquisite and a fine royal stay that is set out just a hundred km away from Delhi in Karnal. The Noor Mahal is a rich blend of the Mughal and Rajput style architecture. The Noor Mahal takes a cue from the Maharajas of India that dipped themselves in luxury and royalness. It is established on the old course of river Yamuna and is surrounded by paddy fields and canals. The five-star hotel showcases the highest standard and quality of hospitality services. A total of 125 luxury rooms to choose from, this heritage property based in Haryana offers five kinds of regal stays. The Khwabgah Chamber is just one of a kind. It unfurls to 2700 sq. ft, it offers a colossal area to spend your vacation. It consists of two bedrooms, a dining area, a private area and a bar. Another one of a kind suite is the Presidential Suite. The room stretches to 1500 sq. ft. with antique furniture and impressive interiors. Remaining suites include the Heritage suite, Club Ryal and the Clubrooms. To make your stay at the Noor Mahal perfect, the dining experience is something you should certainly not miss. The Frontier mail at the Noor Mahal is an award-winning restaurant that offers one of the best dining experiences in the country. The restaurant takes its inspiration from the Frontier mail railway that operated from Mumbai to Peshawar between 1928 to 1996. The cuisines featured here are from the regions that the Frontier Mail passed through during its journey. Other dining options include The Brown Sugar for savouries and beverages and The Cake Factory for its hand-rolled out loaves of bread and desserts. At the Noor Mahal visitors are also offered many sports facilities like basketball, lawn tennis, cricket, volleyball, billiards and table tennis. This benevolent royal stop also runs a happy hour offer that gives an additional 10% discount on weekday bookings. Tourists looking for popular places to visit near Karnal should surely visit the Bu Ali Shah Qalandar in Panipat. Bu Ali Shah Qalandar was known to be one of the most celebrated Sufi saints of Christi Order who resided and taught in India. His dargah is a forty-minute drive from Karnal. Another famous place to visit is the Sita Mai temple in Karnal that is devoted to Goddess Sita. The temple is said to be the only temple of Goddess Sita. Locals here believe that the temple is the exact spot where Mother Earth swallowed Goddess Sita when she was asked to prove her chasteness. Karnal is also known as the rice bowl of India and was once the military quarters for the British India Company in 1805 AD. It is also acclaimed for its renowned research and development enterprises.

Travelling to Karnal from New Delhi is just a two-hour drive. The nearest station for train travellers is the Karnal Railway Sation from there it is just a fifteen-minute cab ride. The closest airport for Karnal is the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi and the Ludhiana Airport. Distance from other major cities like Ghaziabad is 145 km, Faridabad is 160 km, Chandigarh is 128 km, Ludhiana is 200 km, Jaipur is 392 km and Agra is 334 km.



People from various corners of the world come here to bask in the towns strong imprints of history. Pinjore is a little town situated in the Panchkula district of Haryana. The town positions its self1,800 feet above the sea level in a valley with the mesmerizing view of the Shivalik hills. It is located at a mere distance of 22 ks away from Chandigarh. Pinjore gets its name from the Pandava brothers of the ancient Hindu lore Mahabharat. As a repercussion for Yudhisthira’s loss in the game of dice, the Pandavas had to live in exile for thirteen years. During their exile, the Pandavas stayed here for a brief period. The town was earlier known as Panchpura after the stay of the Pandava brothers. But, later got changed into what we know today, Pinjore. Pinjore is recognised as one of the best retreat spots in the country. It is extremely renowned for its seventeenth-century Mughal Gardens, the most remarkable being the Pinjore Gardens. The gardens were built as a retreat spot from the summer heat in the seventeenth century for the sixth Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.  Nawab Fidai Khan Koka was responsible for the construction and designing of the garden and was the foster brother of Aurangzeb. Nawab Fidai Khan Koka was the Governor of Lahore and the master of ordnance of the Mughal Emperor and a well-renowned architect. He was mesmerized by the Pinjore Valley and was adamant on making it into a beautiful garden. The garden stretches up to 100 acres and is ornamented with fountains, pavilions, beds of flowers, cypress and palm trees. It has been disbursed out on seven terraces. The first terrace consists of the Shish Mahal and the Hawa Mahal. The second terrace comprises of the residence of the Maharaja of Patiala, the Rang Mahal. The other terraces lead to trees, orchards, the Jahal Mahal and the open-air theatre. A train is present inside the arena to take the visitors on the grand tour of the Pinjore Gardens. The Pinjore gardens are also celebrated for hosting the Pinjore Baisakhi festival in April, the Pinjore Mango Mela in July and the Pinjo Heritage Festival in December. The Pinjore Gardens have recently been renamed as the ‘Yadavindra Garden’ in memory of the last Maharaja of Patiala Sir Yadavinder Singh. Yadavinder Singh is responsible for regaining the charm and the galore of this garden that was overlooked and forgotten for years. The garden is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM on all days of the week. The entry fee is 20 rupees for adults. There is no fee for kids below the age of 3. The Bhima Devi temple, an ancient Hindu temple and the Morni hills, the only hill station of Haryana are some famous tourist spots. The nearest railway stations that connect to Pinjore are Kalka( 5 km away from Pinjore) and Dhulkot ( 52 km away from Pinjore).

For air travellers, the nearest airport is Chandigarh airport. Pinjore is a 40 min drive from the airport. Cities near to Pinjore are Delhi (253 km), Panchkula (14 km), Chandigarh (23.4 km) and Ambala (55 km).