You need a break, dude! Yeah, for real, a little fancy trip somewhere you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere. Perhaps, to Gudibande Fort and its surroundings. As we know, you put a lot of effort into the entire week cramming to keep up with your job. And we got you the right place to hang out, chill and dive into the arms of culture and nature altogether. So, prep your next weekend getaway for a never-to-forget escapade to one of the most outstanding heritage sites. But hey, let’s get into business knowing the place a bit more before you pack your backpack already!

History At A Glimpse

Front view of the fort on a pleasant day

Gudibande Fort was built within the city of Gudibande and is about 400 odd years old now. Back in the 17th century, Byre Gawda, who was a local chieftain and yogi precisely belonging to the Tuluva Dynasty of the Vijayanagar Empire built the noteworthy fort. He was a sort of Robin Hood as he looked after the welfare of the poor by looting the rich in those days. 

The fort is set on top of a natural hill, consequently gaining the name Gudibande which translates in Telugu as ‘Temple on the Hill’. However, it concisely replicates the Madhugiri Fort, another stunning fort that awaits your venture. 

The vicinity of the fort includes Sri Rameshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It was established by Sage Vishwamitra and Lord Rama who are known to be among the 108 Jyotirlingas. Also, a pillar is erected beside the shrine with well-sculpted images on it. 

The fort has seven levels built-in with interconnecting emergency routes. It was specially made for the soldiers and royal members to escape in case of danger. One of the other captivating features of the fort is the unique rainwater harvesting method. It has around nineteen rock ponds or Dhones at each of the levels of the fort. However, Byre Gawda made sure that the water channel system was unique. It has a specialty to hold about three lakhs liters of rainwater in the Dhones that interlink with each other. 

So Where Exactly Is Gudibande Fort

Picturesque view of Gudibande Village

Gudibande Fort is a popular trekking destination in Chikkaballapur District in Karnataka. It is 100 km away from Bengaluru. Eventually, the journey allows you to take a scenic ride on a really smooth road. Just so you know, the onward journey towards the landmark is the beginning of your euphoric weekend getaway. A little distance within Chikkaballapur District and you will find clear signboards that indicate both left and right directions towards the fort. However, there are two ways you can commence your journey to the fort. A little off-beat road is a Bangalore-Hyderabad highway and the commonly trodden path is the Mysore and Hassan road. The latter route does invite pleasant weather and a sensational scenic view as it is much closer to the Western Ghats.   

What To Do At Gudibande? 

rock ponds or Dhones in Gudibande

As mentioned, Gudibande Fort is a rising trekker’s paradise, and the best trekking destination now enticing thousands of people. Not only is the fort amazing as it is, but the view and other surrounding landmarks add a phenomenal reason to visit it. Sure do, most visitors agree that the place is ideal for moderate trekking and the ultimate spot for a weekend getaway. 

Now, when you reach the base of the fort, a closer look at the ascending stairs awaits your feet to climb on it. It is a path with a few 300 steps or more and a few stops to relax your wobbly legs for the preceding. The upward journey takes roughly one hour for normal trekkers. A vivid trekker can hardly take 30-45 minutes. 

As you go higher, the circumscribing views become intense and surreal. Moreover, the ascending journey will add joy as you pass through the lush green patches, shrubs, and bushes. Upon reaching, a gust of wind will blow against your weary and tired face giving fresh energy, transporting you to a whole new place. The resplendent view atop the hill will spell-bind any travelers that made their way up there. People can enjoy the splendid view of the Byrasagara reservoir up there too. 

Set Of Reminders At Gudibande Fort

plight ofr staairs leading towards the gudibande fort

The trek to the Gudibande Fort takes about 1 to 1½ hours to reach the top. Besides, the ascending journey is not that tough to climb, hence you can sulk in the joy of climbing. However, there are basic reminders to keep in mind before you take that plight of stairs. 

  • Start your journey real early as possible. When the daylight bursts to its fullest, it’s going to get the sweat and energy out of you. Moreover, the sun shines pretty hard and can get extremely hot. 
  • Carry bunches of food and fruits, and of course, water, as you might, wanna feel tired and hungry mid-ways. Besides, you would not find food vendors or stalls when you reach the top of the hill.
  • Although, most of the time, the weather near the proximity is pleasant, check it out. You do not want to get caught in a storm or heavy rain, do you? Anytime and any day of the year is good to visit Gudibande Fort. Hence there’s no question about the best season to go, however, the spring and fall seasons will be ideal.  

What Is Worth the Wait To See

Solid Walls to protect the fort

Get a view of the prehistoric fort and the surrounding area where you can spot some surviving ponds and tunnel systems though it stands in ruins. 

Explore the temples such as the Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy temple built by the Cholas and Shiva Temple. Also, elements that will entangle your emotions are the panoramic view of the vibrant homes of Gudibande, the rugged rock landscape, the beautiful lake Byrasagara and the patches of greens. The ponds around the area fill up during the rainy season and are so surreal to look at. However, avoid getting onto one of them for your safety. 

How To Reach Gudibande Fort

Bangaluru Airport

Although you can wrap up your visit to Gudibande Fort in a day, it’s worth your time and interest. Moreover, it has the easiest route access to spend your entire weekend to the fullest. Fly or board a train to reach Bangalore if you are not around from this city. The nearest airport and railhead is in Bangalore. While reaching the city, you can hire a cab or taxi to head to the destination. Take the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway till you reach Chikkaballapur district. From then on, you can take the village road that will lead you to Gudibande Fort. 

Other Places Of Interests

neareby places to visit

Besides the major attractions mentioned above, there are other nearby places you can savor. Such places include the Lepakshi Temple and Avalabetta Hill which are approximately 21 km each from the fort. You can also decide to visit Narasimha Swamy Temple and Surasadmagiri Hill, mostly popular for the 13 ponds and a couple of Hindu Temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. 

Places To Stay

stay in one of the best homestays in Bangalore

As it is only a day trip journey, you can book your stay in the city of Bangalore itself. Besides, the accommodations they put up nearby the Gudibande Fort aren’t that good except for random Dhabas you will find on the way. Moreover, you have to take power snacks and food as the restaurants are not that promising to satisfy your tastes or style. Adding to it, the items could be pricey.