How hard is it for you to wait till Friday evening for a relaxing weekend? That being said, a dire need for a peaceful trip is all you need to turn off the stress you have been putting up for straight 5 days. But where? This time, Mandaragiri Hill or Mandaragiri Betta is the rightful destination for a fulfilling weekend trip. Keep scrolling to know why you should take a soulful trip to Mandaragiri Hill in the next minute. 

Where is Mandaragiri Hill? 

tumkur district

Gaining a popular weekend spot, Mandaragiri Hill is in the Tumkur district in the Indian state of Karnataka. This little mesmerizing hillock is approximately a 75 km drive from Bangalore, the capital of the state. 

The uniquely quaint Jain Temple within the location makes it one of the many reasons to love this destination. Besides, the peaceful ambience, the gorgeous landscape, and the varieties of attractions from a monolith hilltop, and shrines to incredible statues are the great offerings of this place. 

What is there to see at Mandaragiri Hill?

Mandaragiri Hill or locally known as Basadi Betta is a lesser-known destination in South India. It is an ideal spot for a hang-out, picnics and other sorts of recreational activities. With a splendid ambience and bird-eye view, the place is a beauty beyond photographic captures. While the resplendent scene awaits you, you can go through some of the places you can see around the spot. 

Guru Mandir Jain Temple

Guru Mandir Jain Temple

The beautifully designed Jain Temple, Guru Mandir is the main attraction in Mandaragiri. It is also popular as it is a significant pilgrim destination for the Jain community. The temple sits at the base of the hill and its shape resembles a ‘Pinchi’, a typical peacock feather broom. While the structure displays colourful feathers, it is also symbolic for the Jain which makes it all the more one of its kind. The unique design bags a Unique World Record with its structure standing 81 ft high and 2400 sq ft wide. The temple’s interior is dotted with 3D paintings depicting the life of a Jain saint and his statue beside the paintings. Meanwhile, you will find absolute peace inside the temple and it is a great place to meditate. The spotless, neat and well-maintained surroundings of the temple is another reason for you to love the place. 

Mukha Mantapa

mukha mantapa

The first sight to welcome you before you enter the temple complex is Mukha Mantapa. It has a statue built that belongs to Chandranatha Tirthankara, an ascetic of the Jain community. The early morning view is a magical aura that is pleasing for all the senses you have. It is more like a healing view. 

Mandaragiri hilltop

Mandaragiri Hill

The Mandaragiri Hill is more of a giant monolith making a beautiful stance in the village of Pandithanahali. The round hillock, a little version of Uluru Rock, has about 430 – 450 well-carved steps to reach the top from the base. The journey towards the top offers a moderate climb and takes roughly 15-20 mins. The opening views are few Jain temples and standing on the higher ground offers you a captivating sight. 

Enjoy the splashing view surrounding the hill, the nearby villages and the Mydala Lake, and allow your imagination to roam from reality to dreamy land. What’s more splendid is the sunrise or the sunset, each like a different painted canvas of a magical land. Watch the sunshine shimmer as it rises and sets.

Mydala Lake

Lake near Mandaragiri hill

Mydala Lake is just a few meters away from Mandaragiri Hill. If you take the right direction from the base, in no time you will reach the shore of the lake. The view is breathtaking and the comforting breeze is so cool that it will soothe you wholly. It is also a great spot to spend a long time with your favourite person, friends or family and talk about everything and anything casual. The rippling surface of the lake is just another dreamy view. It is surely an escape from the bustling city life that is somehow reckless.  

How to Reach There?

View of Mandaragiri Hill

The road condition towards Mandaragiri Betta is in good condition. Therefore, a car or bike ride is superbly ideal as the moving scene will thrill you. The journey to the destination takes hardly 2 hours to reach. The spot is about 10 km away from Tumkur City and is on NH 75. 

Also visit other places near Mandaragiri and arpund Bangalore such as Gudibande fort or Talakkadu Beach for a splendid weekend.

Best Time To Visit Mandaragiri Hill

Sunset view in Mandaragiri Hill

Seasonally and preferably, July to December is the best time to visit Mandaragiri Hill. During this time the enveloping region becomes lush green with an assurance of great views. A dawn visit is a must for you to experience the serenity of nature and see the most overwhelming sight of the rising sun. Moreover, you will see less or no crowd in the early morning. Late evening is also the best time to visit this place as you can watch the most stunning sight of the sunset. Eventually, you will see the nearby villages visible in dreamy lights which is a wholesome thing to see. 

However, every season, the area is illuminated with fresh views. Visit in summer if you love the sunny, clear blue sky. The monsoon is not to be missed to enjoy the saturated vista. In winter, the warmth from the weak sunlight allows you to enjoy the trip. 

Additional Information

mukha mantapa entry gate
  • Guru Mandir on Monday to Friday opens at 6:30-10:00 am and 3:30-6:00 pm. It remains open on weekends from 6:30 am – 6:00 pm.
  • There are hardly any shops and restaurants near the spot, so carry your needs, eatables and any other requirements accordingly. However, you will find some restaurants on the highway. 
  • Tourists can get the keys to the temple from the caretaker to enter the temple. The caretaker’s details are put up in front of the temple entrance. 
  • Care to check out the best time to move out from the city to the destination so to avoid traffic. 
  • Free parking and restrooms are available. 

Overall, Mandaragiri Hill is the best place to visit for a day trip from Bangalore. Therefore if you are around the city or in Bangalore care to visit this surreal place.  

Places To Stay In Mandaragiri Hill

homestay in tumkur

It is best that tourists should get accommodation conveniently from Bangalore or Tumkur City. Besides, there are no places to stay in Mandaragiri Hills and is only a destination to cover in a day. Yet there are selected options such as homestays in the outskirts of Tumkur city for a rustic life and to experience the deep culture of the folks living here.