Nagaland is an exotic province of India situated on the Northeast boundary of the country. It is otherwise known by its moniker “Place where there are Festivals” and is one of the most enjoyed slope stations. Its capital is in Kohima and its biggest city is Dimapur. An excursion to this place isn’t only about the naturescape, culture and tradition but the people and their congeniality have attracted a large number of tourists to visit Nagaland. If you also want to know more and want to visit its major tourist places, then definitely read this blog of ours and get to know what are the top things to do in Nagaland in 2022.

We have cover 6 Top Things to do in Nagaland

Here is a rundown of the best activities in Nagaland that will provide you with an endearing encounter of holidaying in Nagaland. There is something to accomplish for each sort of explorer. From experience searcher to nature sweetheart, this objective is paradisiacal for all. Take a look.

1. Kisama Heritage Village:-

A model town on the edge of Kohima city, Kisama is a legacy town that mirrors the way of life, and customs of the Nagas. The name Kisama is derived, blending from two Naga towns Kigma and Phesma and Ma (town). The public authority constructed and fostered the town as an image of the conventional Naga town and exhibited the qualities, ethics and vocation of the ancestral Naga individuals. Consistently in December the town is opened to general society for seven days during the Hornbill celebration. During celebration time, the whole town turns into an outside gallery of Naga culture, costumes and customs. This celebration is a coordinated exertion of the Government of Nagaland to protect the old ancestral culture of the ancestral Naga individuals. It is an absolute necessity when visiting Kohima in December.

4. Dzukou Valley:- 

Dzukou Valley is notable for the Valley of Flowers. It is an extremely well known area, a vacation spot and a swashbuckler’s top activities while in Nagaland. Situated at an elevation of 2450 metres, it is viewed as one of the most renowned experience spots in Kohima, Nagaland. It is situated behind the Japfu range, one more significant travel objective for vacationers in the state. Assuming that you are an ardent adventurer and love nature, investigate the 3-4 kilometre steep move to this colourful valley. A 17 kilometre journey from Viswema Village to Dzukou will take you 5-6 hours. Furthermore one more journey from Dzukou Valley to Zakhama, 15 kilometres, will take you around 3-4 hours.


3.  Ntangki National Park:- 

40 km from Peren and 37 km from Dimapur, Ntangki National Park is also epithet as Intanki. Spread over 200 sq. km north, this park was constructed by the British organisation in 1923. It is considered one of the best national parks in the Northeast. The dense tropical forests here provide a distinctive area to a wide variety of birds, reptiles and well-developed fauna. Mountains, and steep cliffs make this place extremely famous among adventurers. Uniquely found in Nagaland, this public park must see wild bison and an extraordinary type of langur. Apart from this, tigers, extraordinary types of bears and flying squirrels also deter visitors from the area to this public park.

2. Nagaland State Museum:- 

At the point when you land in Kohima, you should visit the astonishing Nagaland State Museum. It is the best spot to see the 16-tribal organizations’ real articulations and specialities. You should arrive at Upper Bayavu Hill, which is a 20-minute walkable distance. The set of experiences, buffs and individuals keen on social legacy might require over 3-hours to investigate this exhibition hall. Others may require a couple of hours in particular. You will merit to see its specialty display, artefacts and the historical backdrop of significant Naga ancestral legends, wearables and things that are novel to this land.

5. Mount Saramati:- 

Mount Saramati is the highest mountain peak. Iti is a pinnacle transcending the encompassing tops at the rugged line of Nagaland state and the Sagaing Region, Burma. It is situated close to Thanamir Village in the Kiphire District of Nagaland. As you arrive at the top, (assuming the climate is clear) you will get an eye popping perspective on the delightful store of heaps of Nagaland and an enchanting sight of the Chindwin River of Myanmar. An ideal opportunity and top things to do in Nagaland is to go on a trip to Mount Saramati during the long periods of March, April, October and November.

6. Kohima Mountains:- 

Kohima, the capital of Nagaland is also one of the sought-after places in Nagaland. Here you will find the facilities and activities of the best camping site. You should come here from April to September, at this time the weather and mountain view here is very beautiful, its beauty is worth seeing.